Astrological Forecast October 29 - November 5, 2023
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We are constantly reminded of moments in our lives when we are not connected to a higher power. Anytime we find ourselves in a weak or dark situation, unable to cope, ask for help, or surrender control, it’s clear the ego is preventing us from reaching the next level where there are fewer limitations. In these times, we may feel like we are in the netherworld of the in-between which leads us into fear, and sometimes, fear of the light of Truth.

Halloween (All Hallows' Eve), All Saints' Day, and the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) are connected and are a perfect poster child for Scorpio Season. The veil between worlds is thin, so we can eliminate whatever is lingering and take precautions to not take anything on that may not belong to us.

All three observances revolve around remembering the deceased. Essentially, these three days allow us to help let go, release, remember, and request help from the ascended masters. Halloween opens the portals for all deceased. All Saints Day purifies the ghost party and allows us to connect with the Ascended Masters from all and any practices and then the Day of the Dead is a time to help stuck ghosts and spirits move on. There are so many systems and intricacies of this invisible world, that we need to be careful of what we connect with.

This week, we need to remember that there is a way to connect to the Divine, without getting burned. It could be at times that we feel unworthy to reach the next level, never mind connecting with a higher power. Due to all the guilt, shame, or other reasons/excuses/perceived blockages. But, it’s an illusion. The answer lies within our free will and our attempts to surrender to a higher power.

Willpower is inherently weak. While we often concede indulgence as freedom and suppression or repression as discipline, there is only one way to really control the ego’s pre-approved ideas of how to use the will: through surrender.

When we surrender our will to the Divine Will, we are granted access to a greater menu of activities and privileged information beyond the limitations and scope of the ego. We learn how to get where we need to go in a way that benefits all involved. This is the only free will we have, to surrender and thereby restrict against the ego’s seductions and arguments (many of which drive us crazy anyway).

We are here to experience ultimate pleasure and freedom from the limitations and walls that eventually close in on us whether it’s through health, finances, relationships, family or work. There is no escape from the game, only accepting how to play it and have fun. What we, as players, need to understand is that it’s not about where we are going, but how we get there is what counts, especially at the end of the day when you go to sleep.

In our quest and mission of co-creating the world, we are surrounded by billions of beings who selfishly attempt to fulfill their happiness through external validations and ambitions. In a world that constantly urges us to prioritize personal desires and instantaneous rewards, age-old teachings beckon us to a path less traveled - one of selflessness and connection with the divine.

The guiding lights this week point us in the right direction, no matter where you may stand. Becoming selfless is a noble endeavor, but it is also challenging, especially in today's world so we can use all the pointers and help we can get to level up.

On October 29th, Mercury and Jupiter may fill us with heightened optimism. While hope is the north star guiding our journey, it's essential to keep our feet grounded. Before embarking on acts of kindness or generosity, reflect on its genuine benefits for others. True selflessness is ensuring our actions have depth and meaning. To add to this, as Mercury conjuncts Mars, a surge of assertive energy may envelop us. While the stars push us towards active conversations, it's imperative to practice active listening, ensuring your words are rooted in compassion and understanding. Set personal challenges this week like going a day without complaining or dedicating a week to helping someone every day.

On October 30th, as the Moon enters the Gemini, our hearts and minds might be flooded with curiosity. This phase is a gentle reminder of the beauty of diverse perspectives. Engaging in meaningful conversations can help bridge gaps, fostering a deeper understanding and, in turn, nurturing our selfless nature. Read stories or watch documentaries that offer perspectives different from your own. This broadens your horizon and fosters empathy.

The next three days are very Scoprio Season.

On the haunting eve of Halloween, as the thin veil between the seen and unseen becomes ever more transparent, the stars too play their intricate game, casting spells of fate, longing, and sudden transformation. Just as Halloween symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth, the Moon and the N. Node push us towards understanding our karmic path. The lessons we are destined to learn and the shadows we are meant to embrace.

Later, an electrifying trine between Venus and Uranus takes center stage. In the heart of Halloween festivities, this alignment promises unexpected pleasures and sudden changes, especially in relationships and values. Maybe an unexpected encounter sparks a passionate connection, or a newfound insight transforms a deeply ingrained conviction. Welcome the unforeseen; Halloween, after all, thrives on the unexpected. Remember, when Venus veers towards smothering tendencies and at times a sense of entitlement, it’s a reminder of the imbalances in our understanding of "desire". When we feel a world of lack, it’s time for introspection to find the ultimate treat, unless you’d rather be tricked.

Unexpected allure, transformative love, and sudden insights. Given Venus's association with beauty, love, and values—and Uranus's nature of unpredictability and innovation—this day casts spells of unexpected blessings and clarity in personal relationships and self-worth. Light a white candle and keep it burning throughout the day.

On November 1st, All Saints' Day, a day of reverence for the saints and the departed, the stars align to trigger profound reflections, moments of insight, and deep emotional resonance. It's a time to unveil hidden truths, to confront fears, and to truly grasp the depths of our existence. As you remember the saints or the ascended masters, let their legacies inspire introspective journeys, finding wisdom and understanding from their lives.

Venus and Mars are activating relationships, desires, and connections that take on a mystical hue, where subtleties matter, and every interaction is charged with a sense of destiny. This day reminds us that sometimes, the most profound connections are felt in the silences, in the unsaid words, and in the ethereal moments of understanding.

The Moon’s interaction with Jupiter makes us feel as if there’s a gentle push towards growth, expansion, and understanding our greater purpose. It’s as if the universe is whispering that there's a larger play at hand, and we're all significant actors on this cosmic stage.

We need to remember life’s cyclical nature. Memories, past experiences, and our path forward intertwine, echoing the day's theme of remembering the past and understanding its impact on our present and future. However, this introspection might come with its challenges. The Moon’s square with Neptune might cause moments of confusion or doubt, perhaps making us question the very essence of our beliefs or the memories we hold dear. But as with any challenge, it's an opportunity to strengthen our faith, to realign with our truths, and to find clarity amidst the haze.

As the Moon quintiles both The Black Moon and Chiron, there's a subtle energy of healing and understanding one’s inner shadows. It's a time to heal old wounds, to embrace our vulnerabilities, and to find strength in our imperfections. And finally, as the day comes to a close, the Moon's entrance into the nurturing sign of Cancer wraps us in a comforting cocoon. It's a return to the essence of home, family, and deep-rooted emotions. As you light a candle for the saints and ascended masters who are helping us from above, let the warm glow remind you of the unbreakable bonds of family, the sanctity of memories, and the eternal nature of love.

November 2 is The Day of The Dead. In the quiet corners of our souls, where past meets present, and spirit meets the material, the day unfolds as a reflection of the cosmos itself.

Acknowledge the ghosts of our past, not with fear, but with understanding. Much like the Day of the Dead encourages us to remember and honor those who have come before, the stars point us to honor the previous versions of ourselves. We are called to offer our attention to the sudden flashes of insight or unexpected emotional waves that might surface. Uranus, the planet of change and unpredictability, reminds us that change is the only constant. While unsettling, it’s an opportunity to cultivate resilience.

To truly honor our past and our ancestors, we must first be honest with ourselves. As we remember and tell tales of the past, let them be tales of truth, embracing both the darkness and the light. There's a sense of understanding that while we honor the departed, it's equally crucial to celebrate life and the present.

As we take a moment to remember others on this day, the universe reminds us to step outside of our own desires and ego. To connect with the divine, to truly understand and embrace the lessons of selflessness, and to find beauty in every transition. Try to pick up where your ancestors have failed.

Humility and clarity take center stage on November 3rd. The Sun's opposition to Jupiter highlights our quest for brilliance and unconditioned experience and the pull towards revisiting familiar narratives. This opposition prompts us to reflect deeply upon our journey, asking us to reconcile our innate desire for growth with our ingrained patterns of repetition. Yet, the opposition also speaks of receptivity. This alignment asks us to be receptive to the lessons to shed our conditioned fears and acknowledge and understand our repetitive patterns. It's an invitation to grow by confronting our challenges with clarity and understanding.

The Sun opposing Jupiter is an annual event urging contemplation. It calls us to reflect on our journey especially from six months ago, embracing the brilliance of unconditioned experiences while being mindful of our inherent patterns of repetition.

November 4th is a day of rejuvenation and creative selflessness. With Saturn resuming its direct path, out of retrograde, it's an opportune moment to ponder upon ways to integrate selflessness into your daily routine. With the Moon in Leo, we're encouraged to use our unique talents in service of others. This is a reminder to expect the unexpected in our communications, urging adaptability and openness to unconventional thoughts.

PS: Including next Sunday, November 5th, the waning Moon in vibrant Leo encourages reflection. As we look back on the lunar cycle, let's acknowledge our strides toward selflessness and prepare to embrace the forthcoming cycle with renewed vigor. The subtle clash between Jupiter and Neptune serves as a poignant endnote, urging us to ground our dreams and aspirations in reality.

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