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Cancer Season
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June 19, 2024

Discover the opportunities for inviting deep healing and purifying your potential during Cancer Season 2024. Learn about key astrological opportunities, workshops, and how to align with the Divine for a harmonious life. Sign up for our Summer Solstice Cancer Season Workshop to download the Cancer Season Transit Calendar.
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CANCER SEASON 2024: Deep Healing On All Levels

Cancer Season 2024, deeply influenced by its ruling planet, the Moon, brings abundant opportunities for healing our homes, bodies, vehicles, and all the tools we use for self-expression.

These opportunities are marked by the astrological transits, urging us to purify our potential. What does this mean? It means removing the obstacles, impurities, and negative influences that prevent us from reaching our highest capacity and living our best life. It involves a process of cleansing and refining our thoughts, behaviors, and intentions to align more closely with our highest values or spiritual beliefs.

As Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere, we have just three months left before the cosmic reboot at the Autumn Equinox. Each day after the Solstice, the days grow shorter, signaling a time to atone for our transgressions and release jealousies.

Cancer is the archetype of action and offers us the ability to be successful in whatever we do. It’s the time of year that asks us to find our original expression and to channel the positive energies. But how?

Quite simple.

By aligning our actions with the Divine. Just as we align a car to ensure it runs smoothly, we must align ourselves to ensure we live harmoniously and successfully.

While Cancer is the archetype of the inner warrior as represented by The Chariot from the Tarot, it also represents the worrier within—the part that complains in the face of challenges. It's important to remember that every complaint comes with its own set of consequences, which will become evident as Summer progresses.

Whatever we project, particularly our emotionally charged complaints, has the potential to pollute the world.

However, after a bit of realignment, it becomes evident that our complaints are nothing more than an expression of dissatisfaction with how life is unfolding. Going deeper, it becomes more evident that our dissatisfaction is based within a lack of faith in the Divine Plan. We think we know better, so we complain - which is a sign that we have disconnected from our trust in the Divine. Reconnecting can be difficult, but during Cancer Season, we are supported to reconnect where we have disconnected.

It can be very difficult to reconnect as the ego prioritizes our worries and desires to dominate our actions, including whining and complaining. This, of course, sets energy into motion, and during Cancer Season, emotions run amok.

We are given a choice at any moment to either trust in the Divine or go with the flow of our ego. Yes, trusting in the Divine, while at times seems illogical and dark, can be like swimming upstream against all the streams and currents of emotions. But it can be done, and will be done once we trust in the process.

Many times, we often think life should or could have gone a certain way, but that’s the ego’s attempt to distract you from all the amazing opportunities around you. There is so much love and magic desiring to come your way, all you need to do is receive it. Our task this Cancer Season is to look up, out of the cynicism and heal our perspective so we can see the positive road ahead and have the courage to travel down it.

Let’s have a look at what’s coming our way this Cancer Season, and don’t forget to join our Cancer Season Workshop to help you receive all the luck and blessings awaiting you.

First, on June 22, Cancer Season 2024 opens with a Full Moon. The first Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates themes of structure, responsibility, and long-term goals. This is a time to evaluate your progress, set new objectives, and release any limitations holding you back. You can Zodiac Hack it by using our Full Moon Workshop to help you use this energy to eliminate obstacles and set positive forms in your reality.

June 29 may bring some confusion and lack of direction, as Mars’ assertive energy clashes with Neptune’s dreamy nature. Zodiac Hack it by staying grounded and staying present when you would rather escape. Focus on aligning your actions with the Divine when you want to run. You may feel that Saturn will go retrograde on this day too. During Saturn retrograde, it's crucial to take a step back and assess the areas of life where we might feel bound by co-dependence, insecurity, or societal expectations. This is a time to identify and work through these challenges, recognizing the valuable lessons they offer. Taking on the growth opportunities presented by Saturn can lead to a deeper understanding of our self, ultimately fostering a more authentic identity that stands firm against external pressures.

On July 1 is a peak of tension between Jupiter and Chiron highlighting the conflict between repetition and healing. If we don’t change, the same old illnesses will re-run so use this time to address past wounds and integrate your experiences into your journey for greater healing. Find opportunities for healing and growth, and recall the wisdom gained from your challenges. Write them down.

The next days beginning on July 2, may bring sudden changes or disruptions, challenging your sense of identity and purpose. Stay adaptable and open to new possibilities. Neptune’s retrograde also begins today and encourages us to delve deep into our subconscious and address any illusions or victim mindsets. Mercury moves into Leo bringing a bold, expressive energy to communication and thought processes. Use this time to share your ideas with confidence and creativity. 

The next day, July 3, Mercury will oppose Pluto bringing an intense and transformative experience in communication. Be mindful of power dynamics and strive for honest, transparent conversations. Use this energy to uncover hidden truths and transform your thought patterns.

The New Moon on July 6 Cancer invites you to set intentions related to home, family, and emotional security. Zodiac Hack it by using our New Moon Workshop since on the same day Venus will square Chiron activating up old wounds in relationships, offering an opportunity for healing.

There is a powerful trine between the Sun and Saturn on July 11 fostering a sense of responsibility and maturity in your endeavors. Use this activation to focus on your long-term goals and take practical steps toward achieving them. Venus will also enter Leo, opening a playful and expressive energy to love and creativity. Use this time to shine in your relationships and express your affection with confidence. Right after Venus moves into Leo, she will aspect her higher octave, Neptune. This contact enhances romantic and artistic pursuits with dreaminess and inspiration. Use this energy to connect deeply with your creative side.

However, be warned: on July 12, Venus opposes Pluto, which can bring up intense emotions and power struggles in relationships. Watch out for those emotions. Strive for balance and avoid manipulative behaviors. Use this energy to confront and heal underlying patterns that hinder growth.

July 15 sees a square between the Sun and Chiron. This highlights areas where your sense of self may feel wounded or inadequate. Then one of the biggest transits of Cancer Season 2024 is the alignment of Mars and Uranus. This brings a surge of unpredictable and revolutionary energy. Be open to change and take bold actions that align with your true desires. Use this time to break free from old patterns as new opportunities are coming.

One July 20, Mars will enter Gemini bringing adaptable and versatile energy to our actions. Be curious and explore new interests with enthusiasm. 

The Second Full Moon of Cancer Season will close out Caner Season on July 21. It brings a powerful culmination of long-term goals and responsibilities. Zodiac Hack it by tapping into our Full Moon Workshop. On the same day, Venus sextiles Jupiter enhances joy, generosity, and social connections.

The final days of Cancer Season end with a bang. The Sun trines Neptune to inspire creativity and spiritual insights. Then Mars trains Pluto to empower you to take transformative actions. Use this energy to pursue your goals with determination and intensity, of course aligned with the Divine. 

Our Story Continues in Leo Season as the Sun Enters Leo on July 22, 2024 the energy shifts towards self-expression, creativity, and joy. 

To download the Cancer Season Transit Calendar, you'll need to sign up for the Summer Solstice Cancer Season Workshop.

Cancer Season
Summer Solstice Workshop

June 19, 2024

Discover the opportunities for inviting deep healing and purifying your potential during Cancer Season 2024. Learn about key astrological opportunities, workshops, and how to align with the Divine for a harmonious life. Sign up for our Summer Solstice Cancer Season Workshop to download the Cancer Season Transit Calendar.
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