What Are Zodiac Hacks?
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Zodiac Hacks is a guide to help you hack the zodiac, and we think it’s best to start out with a warning: the astrology we use is not the astrology you are used to. The astrology we use works with energy, fate, archetypes, and a practical understanding of how these energies manifest in our world and how to overcome or utilize them appropriately—a.k.a. hack the zodiac.

We know; you have questions. Like, Why would anyone want to do that? And how is that even possible? It’s not as if the zodiac is a software program.

Or is it?

Let us answer the second question first: how is it possible to hack the zodiac?

When we think of software, we are talking about the intangible code that makes your phone or computer work. Without that code, you wouldn’t be able to check your status, emails, rankings, likes, or texts. Without that code, you would only have hardware—your phone or your computer—and it would be no more than maybe a paperweight or a piece of decor for your home. You most certainly couldn’t do any of the things you are used to doing.

There is an analogy between the hardware and software of computers and the body and mind of sentient beings. If the hardware of a computer is its body, then its software is its mind. Throughout Zodiac Hacks, we talk about this concept of computer is to body as software is to mind in detail, until this analogy becomes as obvious to you as it is to us; so from here on out, we will refer to this concept as “mindware.”

In DASH Astrology, which is the foundation of Zodiac Hacks, we understand that mindware is composed of archetypes. Archetypes are symbols all beings share, regardless of demography, that express the positive or negative ideas we all experience. Further down, we will explore archetypes in depth, but for now, we will just think of them as the alphabet of the source code that runs our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. If you have ever watched the movie The Matrix, you can imagine that the tiny letters of green light that render the matrix mirror are how we construct our reality. Even science tells us today that when we break physical matter down to the subatomic level, we find that there are small energies. These energies are the alphabet of life.

The archetypal alphabet forms words, which form sentences, which form verses, which form patterns, instructions, shapes, and everything else, all of which can be translated into the language we comprehend. So we need to understand that our mindware, our software, is a coding of these archetypes. Although we all use the same archetypal alphabet, we all use it uniquely; no different from the configuration of a phone or computer according to what apps and components we like and what skills we have.

A lot of people, even programmers, need help when developing and using technology, as they often get stuck. No one is immune to the complexities of any technology. In the same way, our mindware is also quite complex.

For example, our mindware is very much influenced by our perceptions of time. In fact, we tend to operate in cycles. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, seasons, and times of day all determine what our mindware is focused on during any given point.

Because time is usually measured by the sun’s influences on earth, as it heavily determines the light we can use for certain activities, we are forced to draw our attention to, and thereby plan our lives around, the effects of the big star in the center of the solar system. For ages, humanity has measured the sun’s apparent course around earth, which takes us back to our archetypal alphabet.

One of the ways the archetypal alphabet has been translated and is used with transparency is through the art and science of astrology.

We know what you might be thinking: Astrology? Like my horoscope?

Well, chances are the astrology you have been exposed to is not the same astrology we are introducing here. In fact, this author doesn't even consider himself an astrologer; but just a user of astrology.

Like the mind, software has no hardware of its own. In the same way, the archetypes have no bodies of their own, because we are the hardware. Astrology is the only tool we have at this point that allows us to read the archetypal code that is unique to each and every thing on earth. For example, when we take our first breath, the time, day, and location of that first breath determines what our birth chart will look like. The fact that we arrived in this world at that particular time and location is not a random occurrence; rather, it is who we are, our cosmic fingerprint that we bring into this life to work with. This work is our fate.

In the same way, every moment is a special configuration of the zodiac and planets, which we now know are made up of the archetypal alphabet, which can be decoded, read, and used for advice with the science of DASH Astrology—the mindware of humanity.

Why Would Anyone Want to Hack the Zodiac?

If answering the second question (how is it possible to hack the zodiac?) didn’t also answer the first question (why would anyone want to do that?), then let us do so here.

The zodiac is only a part of astrology. It is a static part that never changes because it describes how the constellations are set in space. Of course, the stars that make up these constellations may have long ago died out completely, but the system of archetypes lives on forever within us. New stars or constellations may shift or reappear, but the structure and order of the archetypes will always remain the same. For example, if the A on your keyboard has faded away from prolonged use, you can still type A, even without seeing it. This is like an archetypal memory. If you get a new keyboard, or if the powers that be move the A to another position, A still exists.

In the same way, all twelve zodiac archetypes exist and influence our experiences here on earth. In this book, we are going to talk about the influences we feel whenever the sun is passing through one of the twelve archetypes, or zodiac signs, from our perspective on earth. For example, your star sign, also known as your sun sign, is determined by where the sun was when you took your first breath. However, does the sun stay in that sign for all of eternity? Of course not! That would be like asking if the weather on your date of birth is the weather you will experience for the rest of your life. The sun keeps moving through the rest of the twelve signs throughout the course of the year until it reaches your sign again, and you have your birthday or solar return. Meanwhile, its continued journey will have an impact on you throughout the rest of the year.

Now, the interesting thing is that the weather on your day of birth is probably not going to be a significant thing to you, but it did affect everybody else in the place where you were born. With the astrological weather—which is the placement of the stars at the time and place of your birth—it is quite the other way around. This weather will tell us everything about your personal archetypal patterns, but for everyone else, it may have the significance of just another day.

So, everything is influenced by the astrological configurations, which can be broken down from seasons, years, months, weeks, and days into every single moment. For example, as you are reading these words, someone is being born, and for this person, their astrological weather from the moment they take their first breath will be the underlying current throughout their whole life. But for the rest of us, it’s most likely only the meteorological weather we are interested in because it’s obvious and something we are able to respond to. Like when we get up, we first check the weather—unless we live in Southern California, of course, where there supposedly is sunshine every day. However, there is no denying that the meteorological weather is on our minds just as much because, even there, we dress accordingly. But the astrological weather is also influential on the mindware of humanity. And though we cannot see the obvious factors because they are on the subatomic level, they are there: the sun is radiating different atoms in each of the abovementioned cycles while its light is filtered by the zodiac.

When it’s snowing outside, we dress accordingly. If we see it will snow tomorrow, we plan our lives based on the forecast. It’s not witchcraft. It’s not divination. It’s preparation. We know that summer is warmer and winter is cooler. So if we make plans for a summer vacation at the beach because the weather will be warm, we are not saying that we know the future; we are saying that we know the cycle.

In the same way, if we are in the month of Cancer, we prepare for certain things, just like we do when we see it will snowing. If we want to recognize the cycles of life so that we can become responsible rulers of our reality, we need to hack the zodiac and the mindware of mankind.

If we want to become conscious creators of our reality, we must hack the zodiac, because astrological influences retain all of our fate. Now I just mentioned a term that has yet to be properly understood: fate.

- Excerpted and adtaped for web from Zodiac Hacks: Constellations : A Month-By-Month Guide to Making the Most of Your Year, Every Year. (Chapter 1).

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