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2024 New Year 12 Day Workshop

$ 42.00 USD

2023 New Year's Ritual with Arik Embark on a transformative 12-day journey with Arik in the 2024 New Year's Ritual. This powerful program is designed to guide you through a process of releasing past energies and setting intentional paths for each month of the new year. With the significant astrological shift of Pluto entering a new sign, which occurs every 11 to 30 years, this ritual is especially potent for initiating major changes and embracing transformation. Arik's unique approach combines the principles of Zodiac Hacks with spiritual teachings, bridging technology and spirituality to enhance your experience. Each day of the workshop focuses on a specific mantra based on the astrological chart of the coming month in 2024, providing contemplative guidance tailored to elevate your awareness and guide you on your journey towards liberation from blockages and fate.

The program includes:

  • Daily guided meditations
  • Insights into each day's unique astrological influences
  • Practical exercises for programming your goals and aspirations for each month
  • A comprehensive workbook to track your progress and insights

This workshop is not just about setting resolutions; it's about committing to transformations that you have mastered and setting intentions for continued growth. Whether you're looking to make significant life changes or enhance your spiritual practice, this ritual provides a structured yet flexible framework for personal development and self-awareness. Join Arik on this enlightening 12-day ritual and start your year with purpose, clarity, and a renewed sense of control over your fate and ascend to your destiny.

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