In this class, Arik teaches about change, and about the energy of light — the energy fields around you — what you are actually seeing when you look at the stars — about the opportunity available for you to download light and manage it — and how, with the attitude of embracing change, celebrating life in the midst of challenges, praising the ability to face life and to spiritually transform — you make life lighter for everyone. It is about healing and evolving — transforming your selfish desires into desire for benefitting others, and coming to appreciate the energy of love. It is about living and interacting in a constantly changing world by accessing the wisdom within yourself.Key Points You May Learn About —Why do you need to change? What happens when you stop changing?Learn the secret ingredient to manifesting without side effects.The whole idea behind Zodiac Hacks Astrology is about finding the answers within you.Things need to change, and it’s important that you are aware of those forces that are coming in, so you will know what direction to go.What is really happening when you are overreacting to a situation — to the point where you think the world is going to end?

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author