This class teaches about the universal energy flowing through you, and how, in this ever-changing world, everything is set up to actually help you transform — but, how you choose to experience things remains up to you. Arik will teach about choices, change, and connecting to the universe — about love and romance, and the quality of excitement — and how, with the energy of love, you know what to do and how things are to be done, as you learn about the game of life and the laws of love — about the two types of relationships, and how to apply the Golden Rule. It is about going beyond dualistic ideas to carry the message of sharing and receiving love, channeling the light of that love into people’s lives while you draw that light into your own life as well, as you choose to be changed by love.Key Points You May Learn About —What is really happening whenever you think you’re getting, doing, or using something for free?Do you believe in the laws of love?You have the obvious light — and also the hidden light — within you.What is the energy of exchange.Life is like a game — when is the game playing you, rather than you playing the game?

Arik Xander

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