You are lost in your life when you don’t make space for God to enter your life and to guide you — when you just let ego run the show. This workshop is about finding yourself again, in those times when you are lost, confused, and trying to find your way through this maze of life — when you are looking for direction, and you need guidance to find that connection to God, to attain that self-discovery that asks you to tap into who you really are, who you know you are, so that you can create reality as you want. You will learn about accountability for your projections, reflections, and for seeing where you are choosing to stay in this comfortable numbing illusion — pretending that you are making changes when you are really not. You will also learn about the need for having authentic teachers, sages, and gurus in your life, because, while you can begin a path alone, you cannot live your life here alone — it is through your teachers, your healers, your intuitive guidance, and God, that you are guided back to yourself. And so, it is about finding the right path home — pulling yourself out of the maze of illusion where you are confusing yourself with what you’ve experienced, saying this is who you are, rather than being a-mazed by the light of the Divine. Are you perpetuating your story — unwilling to change — or, are you creating your story? God is guiding you to act in a certain way all the time, throughout every day, throughout every moment of your life, but the thing is, you don’t listen, you don’t follow. Those things that you’ve gone through — your experiences, your stories, your themes — were to help bring out the best in you, not to become an accessory on your life here. You do get lost when you let mistakes control your life forever and become a part of who you are. If you think you can do it alone, you are still on step one. You need teachers, healers, guidance — you need God — to upgrade, to get to the next level.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author