In every moment, you are really at a war within — a war for control, between the ego and the Essential Self — a war against your comfort zones — and it is going on all the time. This class teaches of a different kind of control — of controlling your consciousness — of the fatherly energy of Aries, that controls everything that is available, and supports you now, to receive blessings and face challenges, to advance, to grow, to progress, to download healing, and to begin new things. You will learn about your inner war, and about being a warrior — on guard, aware and vigilant, but not to fight — about peace, and how, by surrendering the energy of immaturity and impatience, by letting go, by cleansing yourself of negativity — and, from a place of humility — you can bring this peaceful energy and consciousness all over your reality, and into the world. It is the time to determine the quality of life — your life — allowing the healing energy to work through you, to bring that maturity, to know that you can change, that you are no longer stuck in the identities you’ve created for yourself. It is the time to focus on what you want to be in your life — healed, successful, in love, happy, in control of your ego — and, most powerfully, by transforming your selfishness into generosity — to become a different person.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author