Many times, you go into the material world, into your work and career, thinking that this is all there is — that this is where and how you do everything. You pull an energy veil over your eyes, get stuck in a whirlwind of — literally and figuratively — screens — working in the space where life is not multi-dimensional, but, rather, very 2D or 3D — the prisons where you are a slave to your ego. This class is about liberating yourself from these prisons you’ve put yourself into — getting outside of yourself in a good way, outside of your small narrow-minded box, your small mountain — to where you have the opportunity to grow, to integrate the lessons from your experiences, to arrive into a state of maturity, and to discover the amazing energy of falling in love. You will learn that your work in the material world can only take you so far. At some point you have to connect to the Divine, because it’s only through the Divine that you’re able to do work that has any meaning or importance. It’s about the energy of freedom, as you’re bringing the light out of, and overcoming, the darkness. Once you know that the spiritual work is the work, you can make anything you want manifest — independent of, and interdependent with, the world around you. Some Key Points: What is your life’s mission statement? There is a big difference between growing and aging. When you judge others, your field of vision narrows — it makes you stupid. Control of the material world or others is not going to make you feel secure. You have to understand that you have to control your ego. True maturity is the state of mind of freedom.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author