After transforming, and letting go, you need to move on, and not get into feelings of guilt. This class is about the healing energy of redemption, an energy that you have to fix things that are broken — while being mindful of the challenge of not getting addicted to redemption and taking it for granted as a comfort zone. It’s about finding the power source to bring the miraculous full spectrum of light that is available to you — what the high voltage rainbow light is all about — and how you are redirecting it — into what you’re trying to build, in communication with your spirit guides and angels — with the true energy of redemption — connecting to the energy of sharing, of giving, of caring. You will learn that, while it is difficult to leave the perceived protection of a comfort zone, you do not leave unprotected — your protection and healing become your own responsibility. You are being pushed to integrate the lessons into reality, and, rather than making it all mental, you are to bring an open mind. It’s actually time for you to put the light in your experiences into action. Some Key Points:You need comfort zones for one thing only — in order to leave them. Guilt — because your ego is too arrogant to be humble — is robbing you of life, your experiences, and your journey. Being stupid isn’t about knowing everything — being stupid means you are not open to learning the answer — it’s about the journey. There is a big difference between healing verdicts and a punishing judgement. Expose the openness within you, because being stupid is no longer an option. You have the energy to connect to the high-voltage rainbow.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author