Healing can apply to so many different areas of your life — your relationships, your money, your career, your path — and also, just knowing who you are, and what you’re doing. This class is about one of the biggest blockages to healing — jealousy — about how you experience jealousy, how it starts — triggered by your attachments and entitlements — and, how it is so important right now for you to release attachments and entitlements that are bringing you suffering, holding you back, and preventing you from healing. It’s time to allow yourself to release from jealousy — to reflect on the obstacles that you’ve been facing — where your ego is giving you a hard time with life — because, whether you are ready or not, it’s time to be pushing forward. In learning about jealousy you will find that you can have healthy attachments as well as unhealthy attachments — that you have to be very mindful, because jealousy is silent — the silent ego — and many times you aren’t even aware of when you’re having a jealousy attack. You will learn that jealousy can quickly become resentment, and willful ignorance — as it refuses to see the truth, wanting to stay blind. Where healing is allowing you to recognize the patterns and addictions that keep you back from your potential, jealousy makes you think that you are moving forward when you are actually stuck in one place — but, as soon as you can release the attachments that keep you in jealousy, and discharge entitlement, healing can move in and push you toward your goal. You need to work hard to uproot jealousy.The energy of entitlement is all talk and no walk. You might feel important, but it has nothing to do with your destiny.The healing of jealousy begins in the mind.Unhealthy attachments are the most expensive things, financially, and on the energy level as well.It is important to proceed cautiously, guided by a Teacher or someone you trust, to heal blockages in a way that is peaceful and not counter-productive.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author