With the Full Moon in Pisces — as the Sun is in opposition to the Moon — you will learn that, no matter what your perceptions are telling you, there is really only one true opponent, only one true enemy in your life — and it probably isn’t what you think it is. In this powerful workshop, about the journey you are on to reconnect to the universe, not by being perfect, but rather in a process to perfect yourself through the practice of atonement — Arik talks about the hard work required to avoid getting stuck in the energy of hatred, blame, guilt, and victimization — to eliminate doubt in all its expressions, and activate certainty by fixing yourself through atonements, to earn the blessings, the gifts, protections, and light that are being made available to you from God — as you work to change how you manage and organize the details in your life while not losing sight of the greater picture of what is really going on.As the full moon is here to help you access things you normally cannot access, in the meditation that follows the teaching portion of the workshop, Arik guides you through a series of steps where you will work with the miraculous energy of the full moon to melt down the obstacles that are blocking your ability to remember your connection to God, and, by loving God’s creation, to seeing that everything is good. Some Key Points You May Learn —You have to relearn how to see yourself in the positive and not in the negative.People can only say what God wants you to hear.You cannot know who you are by eliminating your ego.What is the true purpose of atonement?You wouldn’t be who you are now without your past.

Arik Xander

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