In this class, you will learn about the compassionate process of cosmic review — of balance and justice, and consequences — when your good choices are being weighed against your bad choices — a time of reflection, when you are to ask yourself where are you going now, who do you want to become, and what are you willing to do to get there. It is a process of deprogramming your old programs, of opening your heart and your mind to the expression of change, connecting to the energy of love, so that you may, with certainty, allow God and your Essential Self to work through you, as co-creators in the art of being you.Some Key Points:Take the space and time you need to prepare for the freedom of using your free will.When we make love and loving the highest priority, we can accomplish anything.Decide, or it will be decided for you — transforming with merciful love or with wrathful suffering.Open your heart and your mind so you can listen, and then you can hear.Justice is always fair.

Arik Xander

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