February 2024 Astrology Forecast: Planetary Influences on Humanity and Technology
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Astrological positions describe how light filters and refracts our reality. Like light, all transits can be bent. It's up to us to decide how we do this.

February is influenced by Pluto's energy because Pluto has moved into Aquarius, and three other planets will align at the same position as Pluto.


As Mercury enters Aquarius and aligns with Pluto, also in Aquarius, our ways of thinking and communicating start to change profoundly. This alignment is crucial, considering the ongoing global concerns about transhumanism, terraforming the planet and the complex interplay between humanity and technology.

Mercury, the planet of communication, meeting Pluto in Aquarius can lead to profound insights and revelations. Expect conversations and ideas that delve into societal issues, potentially uncovering hidden truths or secrets, especially those related to technological advancements and their impact on humanity. This transit may highlight significant shifts in how we interact with technology. With a current focus on transhumanism and integrating hardware and software into our lives, this period could bring new developments or critical discussions about our future direction. However, we have Zodiac Hacks! This brand name was specifically chosen to help you transcend the Zodiac, the constellations that filter the light of the Divine. 

Zodiac Hack for the Mercury/Pluto Alignment

This transit is an opportunity to question and rethink existing systems, especially those related to technology, human rights, and planetary health. It's also a chance to gain a deeper understanding of these global movements. It's a time to reflect on how these changes align with our inner values and what they mean for our spiritual and emotional well-being. As we move toward Pisces season, the Mercury/Pluto alignment can act as a catalyst for awakening our 'God Gene' (vesicular monoamine transporter 2), fostering an innate and unfiltered connection to God and the universe. The Zodiac Hack is to balance technological progress with spiritual awareness and maintain our Divine connection amid rapid changes.

The intensity of Pluto, combined with Mercury’s analytical power, might lead to overwhelming information or intense debates that could polarize opinions. Ultimately, this conjunction empowers us through knowledge and understanding. It's a time to consciously engage with these global changes, using our insights to make choices that align with our highest good and the planet's well-being.

This type of Pluto conjunction, the first of three this month, marks a powerful time for collective introspection, transformative discussions, and navigating the complex relationship between humanity, technology, and spirituality. It calls for a balance between embracing innovation and preserving our core human and spiritual values. One of these values is human relationships, important to remember as Valentine’s Day approaches.


On the same day Mercury aligns with Pluto, there is a square between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries, focusing on healing and dealing with challenges in love, values, and personal relationships, as well as our approach to success and ambition. This aspect highlights self-discovery, pushing us to explore and understand our deeper needs and values in relationships and life goals. It's about aligning our external pursuits with our inner truth.


Following the Venus square Chiron transit, Venus in Capricorn forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus on Feb. 7, offering a more harmonious energy. This aspect encourages innovation, unexpected changes, and fresh perspectives in matters of love, values, and finances. Uranus in Taurus focuses on sudden shifts and innovations, especially in areas like finance, physical comforts, and values. Venus trine Uranus could lead to pleasant surprises, like new ways to earn or manage money.


The next day, Feb. 8, the Sun in Aquarius forms a square with Uranus in Taurus. This more challenging aspect can signify tension between the desire for individuality and expression and the need for stability and security. This aspect can create restlessness, as the need for personal freedom clashes with the desire for security. This transit often triggers unexpected events or disruptions, such as sudden changes in plans, unexpected revelations, or unforeseen obstacles.


The New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 9 presents a significant opportunity for setting new intentions, especially in areas related to the collective, innovation, and personal freedom. This new moon emphasizes the importance of spiritual laws and our inner connection to the universe, rather than external authorities or technology. It's a time for contemplation on our future aspirations, our role within the community, and how we can effect change that aligns with our highest ideals. Embracing Aquarian values of humanitarianism, innovation, and individuality, this New Moon is the perfect moment to envision a future where technology harmonizes with the human spirit, offering benefits for all rather than imposing control or limitations. Join our New Moon Virtual Ritual for more assistance.

Coinciding with this New Moon is the Tibetan New Year of The Wood Dragon, marking a time of profound energy and potential for transformation. Stay tuned for our special forecast on this, which will delve into how the qualities of The Wood Dragon intertwine with Zodiac Hacks to shape the dynamics of personal and collective growth.


After the New Moon, on Feb. 10, Mercury in Aquarius forms a square with Jupiter in Taurus. This aspect pushes us to broaden our thinking and communication, especially in practical areas like finance and resources, and our future visions. It's a time when grand ideas might clash with real-world realities, challenging us to find a balance.

Plutonic Themes Intensify (Feb. 13-17)

From Feb. 13 to 17, the Plutonic themes already present throughout the month become more pronounced.


As Mars enters Aquarius on Feb. 13, it marks a period of collective action, innovation, and the pursuit of progressive ideals. Mars in Aquarius highlights a shared desire for change, particularly in areas like transhumanism, technological advancements, and environmental issues. This period is characterized by a collective drive towards groundbreaking ideas and actions that challenge the status quo.


The conjunction of Mars with Pluto in Aquarius on Feb. 14 is a significant alignment that can highlight deep issues regarding technological advancements' control and their impact on humanity. Days before and after this transit may ignite movements or actions addressing the balance between technological growth and human values. It's a time of intense energy, where collective efforts might lead to significant changes in how society integrates and interacts with technology.


When Venus enters Aquarius on Feb. 16, the focus shifts to our values, relationships, and financial matters in the context of the collective and the future. In Aquarius, Venus prompts us to reevaluate our values and relationships considering the evolving world, especially the ethical implications of technologies and our relationship with nature. This transit challenges us to ponder what we value in a rapidly changing society and how our relationships and financial decisions align with these new ideals.


On Feb. 17, the conjunction of Venus and Pluto in Aquarius deepens the transformational themes in our values and relationships. This transit may bring profound shifts in how we relate to one another and the material world, especially in the context of technological and environmental changes. There might be a collective awakening about the real costs of technological advancements on human connections and the planet. It's a time for rethinking what's truly important in our relationships and finances, and how these areas can evolve alongside technological progress while preserving our divine connection.

During this period, the collective focus is likely to be on finding a balance between rapid technological advancements and preserving the human spirit and connection. Each individual's experiences contribute to our current reality. A Zodiac Hack here is to reassess your values in light of these transformative forces. These transits remind us of the need to maintain our Divine connection and stay true to our core values and humanity as we navigate these unprecedented changes, marking a period of awakening and potential rebirth in our existence in a technologically intertwined world.


On Feb. 19, the Sun moves into Pisces, shifting the collective focus to deeper spiritual awareness and connection. Known for its profound, intuitive, and spiritual nature, Pisces urges us to connect with our inner selves and the divine essence within, nurturing what some refer to as the 'God Gene.' Pisces season is a time to embrace spiritual essence and connect with the ethereal, mystical aspects of existence. Engaging in spiritual practices now can be especially beneficial.

The Sun in Pisces provides a counterbalance to the month's Plutonic energies, offering an opportunity to blend technological advancements with our spiritual realities. It reminds us of the importance of nurturing our inner worlds as we navigate the complexities of the external world. Join our Virtual Ritual for more assistance.


The exact conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius on Feb. 22 triggers a need for purification, societal interaction, and personal growth. This astrological event indicates a time for facing challenges or setbacks that deepen our understanding of our societal roles and interactions with others. While these experiences might seem negative, they serve as catalysts for personal growth and insight, reminding us that our most profound lessons often come through difficulties.

This transit emphasizes the importance of helping others reach their potential, highlighting how our growth is intertwined with aiding others. It's a period that stresses altruism and the lessons learned from selflessly supporting others. The conjunction also cautions against dominating personalities who may try to impose their views. However, equipped with our Zodiac Hack and a renewed connection to the divine, we are empowered to stay true to our beliefs and find unique ways to share wisdom, with or without the internet. It encourages a balance between learning from others and maintaining our autonomy and spiritual integrity.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius prompt us to express our wisdom and insights through our actions. This transit calls on us to embody our beliefs in how we live and interact with others. A key lesson during this time is to avoid judging others, especially when their actions or beliefs differ from ours. Recognizing that everyone is on their unique journey and that we can learn from each other's experiences, regardless of our perceptions, is essential.


On Feb. 23, Mercury enters Pisces, leading to a significant shift in the collective mindset and communication style. Communication during this time may be more emotionally charged, fostering empathetic and compassionate interactions. However, be mindful of potential misunderstandings or misinterpretations due to the emotional nature of this transit. This period encourages exploration of the spiritual dimensions of our thoughts and communications, allowing for a deeper understanding of our world and our place in it.


The Full Moon in Virgo on Feb. 24 emphasizes practicality, attention to detail, and perseverance in achieving success. It highlights the power of overcoming challenges through dedication and hard work, assuring us that commitment and clear purpose can help us navigate obstacles and maintain our path toward achievement. Join our Virtual Ritual for more assistance.

On the other side of the astrological chart, Mercury and Saturn flanking the Sun in Pisces create a balance between the practical energy of Saturn and the intuitive energy of Pisces. This configuration suggests a need to blend practical, logical thinking (Mercury and Saturn) with intuitive, emotional understanding (Sun in Pisces), challenging us to find a middle ground that supports our spiritual and emotional insights. This is a collective lesson as Saturn transits through Pisces, teaching us about integrating non-spiritual aspects into our lives.

With Mercury's involvement, there may be challenges in expressing ideas and emotions effectively. The Full Moon in Virgo focuses on diligence, precision, and completing tasks in both material and spiritual realms. It encourages us to stay dedicated to our goals and true to our values. Meanwhile, the Mercury-Saturn-Sun configuration calls for integrating discipline and intuition, urging a balance between logical minds and spiritual hearts in communication and self-expression. This Full Moon is about finding harmony between the practical and the mystical.


As February concludes, a square aspect between Venus and Mars to Jupiter presents a potent mix of energies that challenge and stimulate growth in relationships, values, actions, and expansion. From Feb. 25 to 27, these aspects reflect a period of growth and tension in how we relate to others, our ambitions, and our actions. They challenge us to balance our desires with the reality of our circumstances, and our urge to act with the need for careful planning. These aspects invite us to grow by acknowledging and working through these tensions, leading to a deeper understanding of our relationships, goals, and the actions required to fulfill them.


As the month’s finale, the exact conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Pisces holds profound implications, especially given current global challenges, including the rise of transhumanism and threats to spirituality and human essence.

This conjunction symbolizes a deep fusion of our spiritual essence (Sun in Pisces), communicative and intellectual abilities (Mercury in Pisces), and discipline and structure (Saturn). It calls for a harmonious blend of spiritual understanding with practical application, reminding us that our spiritual insights can be grounded in concrete actions. In facing challenges like transhumanism, this conjunction underscores the need to awaken our inherent spiritual potential and connection to the Divine, and the 'God Gene.'

This rare transit emphasizes the importance of healing and evolving on physical, genetic, and spiritual levels. It encourages moving beyond superficial spiritual practices to embrace true spiritual warriorship. This is a time for deepening spiritual practices and engaging in meaningful rituals that strengthen our connection to the divine and our true selves.

As we confront various global agendas and challenges, this conjunction reminds us that our greatest strength lies in our spirituality and inner wisdom. By tapping into our spiritual power, we can navigate the complexities of the current world with insight, resilience, and a clear sense of purpose.

The powerful Piscean energy at the end of February serves as a sacred pause, a time for inward reflection and connection with our deeper wisdom and intuition. It's a period for spiritual rejuvenation, allowing us to detach from external pressures and find clarity and calm. This introspective phase is crucial for our spiritual growth and for navigating the complexities of the modern world with renewed purpose and perspective. The quiet and reflective time Pisces offers helps us appreciate the support around us, reminding us that we are not alone in our journey and that guidance and assistance are often close at hand

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