Neptune Retrograde in Pisces at Critical Degree: Spiritual Cleansing and New Perspectives
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On July 2, during Cancer Season, Neptune (The Hanged Man in the Tarot) begins its retrograde journey. In astrology, retrograde means the planet appears to move backward from our perspective, inviting us to re-examine and revisit various aspects of our lives. With Neptune, and its Tarot counterpart The Hanged Man, the concept of reversal is particularly fitting, as The Hanged Man is already depicted upside down, offering a new perspective.

Understanding Neptune Retrograde

When Neptune is retrograde, it’s a time to review past sacrifices and choices, especially those related to our spiritual path and higher ideals. Reflect on any changes you've made and reassess their impact on your life.

Don’t be surprised if some lingering resentments connected to past sacrifices surface during this time. It’s a powerful chance to clean up ego patterns by acknowledging and letting go of these feelings. If done successfully, it will strengthen your resolve about the choices you’ve made, reinforcing your commitment to those decisions.

The Hanged Man: Surrender and Acceptance

The Hanged Man represents the consciousness where we understand that by surrendering to a situation as it is, we start living life effortlessly. Instead of being stuck in a cycle of complaining and blaming, we move into acceptance.

Recognize that as long as the ego with its narrow perspective is in control, we keep trying to fix everything on the outside, including people connected to the undesirable situation, without ever looking within.

The Power of Acceptance

Understand that amazing solutions arise from surrender, an expression of the art of acceptance. This shift in perspective allows us to see situations differently and provides effortless resolutions. Use this time to embrace acceptance and find peace in letting go.

Warning: Avoid False Spirituality

Be wary of false teachers, quick fixes, and superficial spiritual practices. Stick to trusted sources and authentic paths. Often, the things we think we don’t need, or the lessons we believe we’ve already learned, are exactly what we need the most. During Neptune retrograde, it’s crucial to avoid using spirituality to boost your ego or appear superior to others. Instead, focus on genuine self-improvement and humility.

Recognize and Release

Recognize and release unfulfilled dreams and illusions that contribute to feelings of deprivation and delusion. Use these months to gain clarity on what is achievable and what needs to be let go. Understand that dreaming alone is not enough; take practical steps to bring your visions into reality.

Practical Advice for Navigating Neptune Retrograde

Have-To vs. Choose-To

During Neptune retrograde, distinguish between compulsive impulses ("having-to-dos") and voluntary actions ("choosing-to-dos"). This discernment helps transform karmic challenges into growth opportunities.

Having-To (Ego-Driven Impulses):

  1. Feel "holier than thou".
  2. Be selfish and hoard resources.
  3. Seek out "spiritual entertainment" and mainstream spirituality.
  4. Beat yourself up for unrealized dreams.
  5. Feel totally overwhelmed by energies.

Choose-To (Conscious Choices):

  1. Study more, acknowledging that you are a spiritual novice.
  2. Share with others, remembering true fulfillment comes from caring for others.
  3. Recognize that many spiritual entities have no interest in your liberation; stay focused on your genuine path.
  4. Be honest about past dreams and surrender any ego-driven guilt associated with them.
  5. Use a few drops of a Pisces essential oil blend to balance Neptune in Pisces energy.


Neptune retrograde in Pisces at this critical degree is a powerful time for spiritual cleansing, gaining new perspectives, and making necessary changes to move forward. By recognizing and transforming ego-driven impulses into conscious choices, you can navigate this transit with greater clarity and purpose.

Take the opportunity to unhang yourself from stagnant situations and open your heart to new possibilities, leading to lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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