2024 Astrological Forecast Report
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Introduction: Digital Chains or Spiritual Gains? Navigating 2024’s Cosmic Crossroads

2024 is ruled by the archetype Strength, which will go into effect on January 1, 2024, and then really step into office on the Astrological New Year on March 20. At the Autumn Equinox, September 22, its shadow, The Star archetype, will take over for six months until the Astrological New Year in 2025.

During the first three months of 2024, we will be under the combined influence of the archetype Strength, as discussed, and The Tower (archetype) which stepped into office during the Autumn Equinox 2023.

What does this all mean? Well, the archetypes have their way of influencing us and guiding us as they present us with challenges and opportunities to grow up or regress back into an old version of ourselves. 

During the Strength influence, we are called to endure and become courageous and strong, no matter what is going on around us. Coupled with The Tower, we need to grow out of habitual lifestyles and control our animalistic nature in order to create the most desired reality. Otherwise, rather than voluntarily make changes, we will be forced to change through catastrophe, disaster and a complete breakdown of reality (so we can rebuild a new one). The best approach with change is to know that it will happen and that the best way to go about it is with proactivity. This allows for greater control and reality election.

Fortunately, Strength will offer us the tools to change with proactivity. Sometimes we aren’t aware that we need to change so we neglect it until The Tower comes knocking. The Strength archetype helps us to access inner fortitude, determination, and spiritual will, which can lead to personal transformation. In a world where personal will stands little to no chance against the agendas and programs deeply ingrained within society, it is advisable to adopt something called spiritual will.

Whenever we undergo transformation, it will result in collective changes in societal behaviors, values, and norms within our circles of immediate and intermediate influence. It’s popular to believe that change comes from external adjustments such as coloring our hair or moving things around on the outside, but the truth is that change comes from within. If you want to see positive change in the world, it’s time to make positive changes within yourself this year. Creating a win-win scenario.

The task is to see everything as good, all the time, no matter what is going on, thereby making it good.

But let’s define good. Good is growth, authenticity, openness, love, and honesty. It’s the achievement of goals and the ability to overcome the weight of negativity and obstacles.

This is how we can create a better, more sustainable world, in the truest sense of the word. Through positive transformation. If a mass amount of minds adopt this perspective and act on it, there can be a collective movement towards creating a better society in 2024. That’s not to say the negative will no longer exist, it just won’t apply to those who are changing within. Those who resist change, will be forced to face the negative walls they have built.

Yes, there is the looming threat of transition into tyrannical oppression, erosion of individual freedom, a centralized financial control grid, and neo-slavery - but it won’t apply if you have the spiritual baseline of proactive change. Yes, there is an aim to integrate almost every individual on the planet into digital infrastructures, beyond granting access to the internet, but to fully integrate into a global digital economy and ecosystem built for financial gain and material control of the powers that take advantage of those who don’t change (aka the sitting ducks).

That’s not to say we cannot be a part of technology and use all the conveniences, but we need to remain aware of what we are trading for in return. We need to remain focused and know that screen time is not the same as inner reflection and private introspection. The year 2023 could have taught us about what we need to master to achieve our highest aspirations. During 2024 we are provided with the necessary tools and insights to restructure and renew the patterns we know as ourselves and our lives in order to bring heaven on earth.

But we need true, uninterrupted introspection and self-transformation. That’s the main tool of 2024. When we can introspect and transform, then we withdraw from the looming threats and step into another reality, where heaven is truly on earth. Introspection does not mean you don’t look around you. Not at all. “Through a strong relation to the internal-external, genuine knowledge of Being and self is understood, and this generates the wisdom which restrains unwholesome thoughts by bonds of Loving Kindness.” - Aurelia on Strength

Through introspection and self-awareness, we can come to understand what’s truly going on in these intense times of transition promoted by unwholesome thoughts. By understanding our inner selves and how we relate to the external world, we can attain genuine self-knowledge. This will lead to personal growth and understanding, which, when shared or collectively adopted, can influence societal values and perspectives. Gaining wisdom through this self-awareness can help in curbing negative or harmful thoughts. Instead, we are encouraged to embrace loving kindness. Again, if a significant number of people in society were to practice this, it would result in a more compassionate and understanding community, reducing conflicts and promoting harmony.

The overarching theme of this year, for the collective, is personal transformation which will lead to societal transformation. By harnessing inner strength, understanding oneself, and practicing loving kindness, we can positively impact those around us. As more people adopt these principles, there will  be a ripple effect, potentially leading to a more harmonious, understanding, and compassionate society.

Come the Autumn Equinox, The Star, the ruler of Aquarius, will take over right after the planet Pluto moves into Aquarius until 2043. This will mark an intense time of year as the entire collective will be met with a path of either upgrade or destruction. In other words, we have until then to make course corrections with the stars as our guide. This yearly forecast serves as a tool to help us make any course corrections so we won’t go down a path we’ll regret later.

Pluto doesn’t demand perfection but invites transformation. 

Pluto is the tiniest yet mightiest generational planet at the edge of the solar system. Serving as a protector against deep space threats and holding the gateway keys to other dimensions. When Pluto makes a move, it affects the entire generation, as opposed to only our individual lives.

The power of Pluto can place us on an intense journey through the darker aspects of existence, encouraging a profound exploration of what lies beneath in order for us to access a state of regeneration. Pluto tends to push us to contemplate deeper and introspect on aspects like condemnation, regret, fear, and our subliminal adherence to the familiar. At the same time, Pluto promises possibilities of growth, re-emergence, and eventual liberation from fear.

A Pluto transit invites us to release the bonds of self-condemnation and to forgive ourselves in order to nurture an environment where we can witness our collective shadows without judgment. In this way, we can embark on a journey toward self-love and acceptance - on the condition that we release regret.

Pluto prompts us to delve into our regrets, not to linger in them but to understand, learn, and finally liberate from them. When we attempt to work with this opportunity, we immediately open a gateway within our being to the myriad possibilities that await us so that we can move forward. Pluto will ask us to examine our backdoors and “ways out” and ask us: What if we committed wholly, without leaving backdoors open? Pluto dares us to plunge into a commitment, discovering the transformative power that emerges from undiluted engagement with our path.

Make no mistake about it, Pluto shines a light on our deepest fears, especially the anxiety surrounding our true calling. While it acknowledges the fear of hypothetical negative outcomes, Pluto simultaneously demands that we look beyond the trepidation, illustrating that true metamorphosis often lies on the other side of fear. While it’s inherently tempting to seek comfort in the known, Pluto pulls us towards the unfamiliar, hinting that real growth and rebirth might be nestled within the realms of the unknown, waiting to be discovered when we dare to step outside our comfort zones.

With that said Pluto is constantly illuminating the paths that our ignorance has kept hidden, urging us to educate ourselves, seek understanding, and, through this empowered awareness, find stability and decisiveness.

Through shedding the old, we make way for the new, cultivating a fertile ground where seeds of positivity, strength, and renewed vitality can take root, flourish, and eventually blossom into a reality where our fears are not barriers, but stepping stones toward our true, empowered selves. This tiny but mighty planet represents a process through our own inner underworld, where emerging victory is less about avoiding challenges and more about how we navigate through them, transmuting darkness into our own personal light.

Pluto will impact the collective depending on which zodiac sign it is in and it will impact you personally depending on which house it is transiting. Now, consider that Pluto takes about 248 years to make orbit around the Zodiac which means that when it moves, it makes huge waves.

Note: It can take Pluto about two years to begin and completely move into a new Zodiac sign, so a mixture of in-between themes between both signs will be brought up until Pluto finally gets committed to the next sign in procession. In 2024, Pluto will complete its ingression into Aquarius and remain there until 2043.

Pluto in Aquarius: Circuit Overload, but Freedom At Last?

We have become prone to see things as apocalyptic and with despair, but with Pluto in Aquarius, we are asked and challenged to believe that not only will things not get worse, but they will actually get better. The best insurance to accomplish this is by practicing a spiritual lifestyle and purifying negative thoughts and ideals this transit can bring up.

When Pluto, a symbol of metamorphosis and depth, transitions into Aquarius, it broadcasts an intense light onto our collective and individual shadows, particularly collective pessimism and narcissism. This Plutionan light invites us to confront our darker aspects and traumas, not to be engulfed by them, but to engage in a transformative process that potentially leads to enlightened self-awareness and communal kinship.

Pessimism easily becomes a shadow that hovers and haunts our every move and potential. However, Pluto urges us to look beyond illusionary despair and plunge into the depths of collective anxieties, doubts, and fears - many of which have arisen since Pluto made its conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn and released the 2019 pandemic. This is not to solidify a negative outlook but to understand its roots, thereby enabling transformation.

Historically, Pluto’s transit through Aquarius has corresponded with periods of significant societal and technological transformations, often aligning with shifts in societal structures, ideologies, and technological advancements. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1777 to 1798, a period that witnessed several profound shifts and developments globally. Notable events and themes during that time included the American Revolution and the subsequent creation of a new, independent nation with innovative governance structures. In Europe, the French Revolution unfolded, dismantling the longstanding monarchy and igniting widespread changes in societal structures and ideologies across the continent and beyond.

The era also observed the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, which brought forth significant technological advancements and altered the socio-economic and cultural conditions of the times. Innovations in manufacturing, transportation, and other sectors transformed societies from agrarian economies to industrial and urban ones. As is often the case, solutions and inventions come out of necessity, and sometimes right before we feel like giving up.

However, an undercurrent of pessimism might manifest as a collective dystopia where the fear of future uncertainties pervades. However, Pluto challenges us to transform this desolation into constructive action, possibly redirecting fear-driven pessimism into proactive optimism. By unveiling the roots of our collective despair, Pluto enables the possibility of transmuting pessimism into a forward-moving hope, where concerns for the future translate into actions that seed positive change.

The future transit of Pluto through Aquarius might correlate with transformative shifts in societal structures and technological advancements. We might witness a burgeoning of innovative technologies, perhaps in fields like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and space exploration.

Societally, we may observe movements pushing for more egalitarian structures and policies, as well as potentially new forms of governance and collective organization. Ethical considerations, especially regarding technological advancements and their impact on society, could become pivotal points of discussion and transformation. Global connectivity and collective actions toward societal and planetary well-being might be emphasized, and we may find ourselves revisiting and reshaping our collective values, ideals, and societal structures.

We can anticipate transformation in sectors related to innovation, technology, and collective well-being which could potentially impact both the medical and spiritual industries.

In the medical industry, there could be breakthroughs in technology and methodologies that push the boundaries of current practices. Given Aquarius's association with innovation and technology, we might witness advancements in medical technologies, perhaps involving AI, genomics, or other burgeoning fields, transforming how we diagnose, treat, and understand various health conditions. New forms of treatment, perhaps ones that are more personalized, efficient, or less invasive, might emerge.

Simultaneously, in the spiritual industry, the Aquarian energy might foster a collective reawakening or reshaping of spiritual ideologies and practices. With Aquarius often seeking to break from traditional molds, new spiritual philosophies or modalities that prioritize the collective, leverage technology, or offer novel perspectives might take shape. We might also observe the democratization of spiritual knowledge and practices, making them more accessible and diversified.

On an intersectional note, we may see a growing synthesis of medical and spiritual approaches to well-being and healing, exploring how innovative transformations can holistically merge scientific and esoteric wisdom. This period might also invite ethical and philosophical dialogues around technological advancements in these industries and their impact on societal health, equity, and spiritual development.

But in order to realize this, we need to become aware of the error of narcissism which lives at the root of the ego. Navigating through the house of mirrors of narcissism, Pluto in Aquarius renders a reality where the self is relentlessly mirrored. Narcissism during this transit should not condemned but explored, providing avenues to understand its pervasiveness in individual and societal narratives. It could be that many narcissistic personas and personalities become de-powered or exposed for what they truly are and perhaps platforms will emerge that are more transparent regarding the data used and processed.

However, Pluto’s transit through Aquarius might amplify the collective ego, causing ripple effects where self-interest eclipses communal well-being. Yet, in this amplification, Pluto invites us to dissect narcissistic tendencies, understand them, and eventually, dissolve them into empathetic connections. Narcissism, often manifested as an excessive focus on the self and a disregard for the collective, is nudged toward transformation over the next years. The energy of Pluto urges us to disentangle from self-absorbing narratives, re-writing our stories where the ‘Me’ and ‘We’ coexist harmoniously.

Pessimism and narcissism are not to be feared or suppressed but acknowledged, understood, and transformed. They become stepping stones, albeit challenging ones, towards forging a collective existence that honors both the individual and the collective, ensuring neither is lost in the other but rather, beautifully integrated.

If you are an Aquarius or have strong placements in Aquarius such as the Sun, Moon or Rising sign, this transit could translate into decades of self-reflection, external metamorphosis, and the reevaluation of interpersonal dynamics become paramount. You may find yourself on the precipice of significant self-alteration, contemplating deeply your ideals, aspirations, and the pathways that have led you to your current state.

A journey inward to explore hidden depths, fears, and unrevealed potentials is possible, as Pluto coaxes the shadow self into the light. It’s plausible to experience a shedding of old self-concepts and birth anew, embodying evolved ideologies and perspectives that might differ significantly from previous standpoints.

Interpersonal relationships may come under scrutiny, demanding you to balance your often freedom-loving, individualistic natures with the intricacies of emotional intimacy and mutual dependency. Learning how to merge the Aquarian love for independence with the realities and demands of close, intimate partnerships might become a pivotal theme.

Pluto’s journey through Aquarius, with its multitudes of symbolic interpretations, stands to offer Aquarian individuals a path where shadows are not shunned but embraced as precursors to growth; where ideological and personal shifts are not feared but welcomed as facilitators of evolution. It invites a process where the individual and collective, the ideological and practical, and the emotional and rational find a melodic balance, birthing a refined expression of the Aquarian archetype, which values both the self and the other, the idea and its ethical implementation. Remember, the actual experiential journey can vary vastly among individuals.

Neptune can be seen as a planet that envelopes us in an overcast, pushing us toward a journey where the boundaries between the material and immaterial blur. It invites us into a perspective where our realities and illusions twist seamlessly together, creating situations that often become difficult to decipher. In its ocean of dreams and intuition, Neptune submerges our pragmatic selves and allows our fantasies and emotions to sail without an anchor.

It resonates with that element of losing oneself in a whirlpool of “what could be” and “what if”. On one side, it’s an eternal romantic, advocating for dreams, spiritual pursuits, and the boundless love that unifies all beings. On the flip side, when one gets ensnared by Neptune’s illusionary appeal, it can be akin to surrendering to a mirage, where the oasis of material gains and selfish pursuits seem enchanting, yet it keeps the spirit perpetually parched, perpetuating a cycle of longing and unfulfillment.

Neptune can be our guide to transcendental love and communion with the divine, or it can be the siren that lures you into a realm of escapism and self-pity, where the ego bathes in the ephemeral comfort of material gains and self-indulgence, yet drowns in the ocean of spiritual emptiness.

With the ability to diffuse the boundaries of what fuels passion and what doesn’t, with Neptune, it is crucial to navigate through desires and actions with conscious awareness. It might bring a fluidity where enthusiasm can effortlessly flow towards either constructive or destructive avenues and blur straightforward paths and simple narratives, making everything seem more complex and multifaceted. It might offer various perspectives that can be simultaneously enchanting and perplexing, inviting a scenario where it’s easy to get overwhelmed by considering all potential angles and outcomes.

Navigating through a Neptune transit demands a heightened level of awareness, spiritual grounding, and discernment to utilize its energies for spiritual deepening rather than getting lost in its potentially deceptive mirages.

Ethereal Tides: Neptune’s Journey through Pisces

With Neptune's fifteen-year swim through Pisces, it dives into waters that echo its own ethereal and mystical qualities, cascading through realms where the boundaries between the spiritual and material, dream and reality, self and the collective, become seamlessly permeable. Within this transit, Neptune whispers to the collective, speaking of a future where ideals are not mere fantasies but potential realities, gently eroding the barriers that restrain the flow of universal love and empathy towards all of creation. 

Neptune in Pisces invites us into a dreamlike journey where we’re given the alchemical capability to transform our visions of an ideal future into tangible reality by simply being present – being acutely aware and consciously dwelling in the current moment, which is both a culmination of the past and a seed for the future. It beckons us to plunge into an ocean where happiness is not an external pursuit but an internal condition of being that radiates outward - all the way into space, illuminating the path towards a future where shared joy, altruism, and spiritual fulfillment are not only sought but are generously shared.

The discernible desire to be unhindered by the shadows of the past or the illusions of the future is not only attainable but becomes a gentle, persistent swell, gradually shaping the shores of our current reality. Neptune, embodying its elusive yet pervasive energy, amplifies Pisces' innate ability to intuitively navigate toward a future where purity and happiness aren’t compromised by the transient storms of life. The collective and individual spirit is serenaded towards a utopian dream where emotional and spiritual fulfillment emanates not from achieving personal desires but from a selfless offering and sharing of one’s own essence, wisdom, and love.

This transcendent journey, while mystical and elevating, also carries with it Neptune’s potential to entangle us in a web of illusions if we lose our grounding or discernment, reminding us that even within the most divine quests, the wisdom to navigate through the ethereal mists with a discerning heart and anchored spirit is crucial. It is a journey that invites both ethereal dreaming and grounded action, an intertwining of spirit and matter so that the ideal future does not remain an elusive dream but becomes a lived reality.

Uranus operates as a celestial nonconformist, a beacon of both trepidation and enlightenment, guiding the spiritual seeker through the cosmic winds of the unexpected and the revolutionary. Picture a celestial force that doesn’t merely acknowledge the fear of the unknown but revels in it, seeking to destabilize stagnation and propel the soul toward uncharted spiritual dimensions.

Uranus pulsates with an energy that disrupts our earthly, familiar, and perhaps even monotonous patterns, bringing forward waves of unexpected challenges that might initially be perceived with apprehension. However, for the spiritual aspirant, it's crucial to discern the transformational potential embedded within the tumult. 

Uranus is not about chaos for chaos’s sake but is the universe’s eloquent response to stagnation and over-attachment to the mundane or the outdated. It seeks to dismantle the structures, both within and around us, that inhibit evolution and spiritual awakening. The revolutions it incites are not merely societal or external but deeply personal and internal. It invites us to overthrow the tyrannical regimes of our own limiting beliefs and to emancipate ourselves from the confines of our fears and apprehensions. 

In its seemingly disruptive actions, Uranus is often seen as a catalyst for genuine spiritual and worldly transformation, by freeing us from the chains of the known and pushing us, often abruptly, towards the boundless realms of new possibilities and spiritual dimensions. So, it might be wise for the spiritual journeyer to embrace the turmoil brought by Uranus not as a destructive force but as a fierce guide, ushering us toward authentic self-realization and enlightened being through the rich, albeit turbulent, tapestry of cosmic rebellion and spiritual renewal.

Uranus in Taurus: The Electric Bull

Uranus transiting through Taurus converges the erratic, revolutionary energy with the earthly, sometimes steadfast nature of the Bull, creating a dynamic tension that encapsulates both disruption and determined resistance. The tempest of Uranus stirs the grounded soil of Taurus, unearthing secrets, and propelling us on a journey that oscillates between the palpable and the ethereal, the mundane, and the esoteric. During this transit, the awakening of shamanistic energies and initiations into unseen worlds become a potent possibility. 

Uranus, with its signature chaos, nudges, or sometimes, thrusts us into the abyss of the unknown, wherein lies the potential to either tremble in fear or transcend through spiritual transformation, changing the unfamiliar into a path of enlightenment. Within the sturdiness of Taurus, however, the volatility of Uranus might be received with both a resistance and a paradoxical groundedness, as the Taurian energy, although shaken, remains inherently connected to the Earth, perhaps even amplifying the experiences of initiation and secret unfoldings. It demands a navigational skill where one's feet are firmly rooted in the earthly realms, yet the spirit is agile, dancing with the erratic winds of change and mystery.

Uranus's disruptive journey through Taurus necessitates us to confront and integrate aspects of intemperance, fanaticism, and arrogance, potentially unearthing these elements not only within but also in the external world. Such revelations, though possibly unsettling, become initiations - portals into deeper spiritual dimensions where we are invited to dissolve intolerance, and in its place, forge a solid yet supple path that weaves through the known and the unknown, the stable and the unstable.

During this long transit, a delicate yet profound union of spirit and matter, ethereal and tangible, disruptor and stabilizer, we may find ourselves on a path of powerful, albeit challenging, transformation. We must become both the mystic and the pragmatist, honoring the revelations and disruptions with a steady gaze and an unwavering heart, embracing the revolutionary spirit of Uranus, and embodying the depth and determination of Taurus. So, in the midst of cosmic chaos, the spirit may find its profound initiation, tethered by earthly wisdom and uplifted by cosmic winds, an intriguing dance between stability and revolution, matter, and spirit.

Saturn triggers a process of maturation and development through encounters with co-dependence, insecurity, and conformity. It can be understood as a strict teacher guiding us through experiences that awaken our intrinsic power and authentic self. This significant planetary energy imparts lessons of structure, responsibility, and self-sufficiency by immersing us in situations that might mirror our own inner insecurities and dependencies.

Saturn, a gold-colored planet, also marshals the value and worthiness that eventually comes from navigating through our insecurities and dependencies. Just like the purification process of gold, Saturn's energetic influence seeks to purify our spirit through trials and tribulations, illuminating our inherent worth and strength. In this way, Saturn will always reward us after we make a payment.

The rings of Saturn parallel the multitude of small, varied experiences and choices that circle our lives. They symbolize the boundaries and structures that Saturnian energy helps us establish, each particle representing an instance where we navigate co-dependence, insecurity, and conformity, coming together to shape the orbital path of our spiritual journey. Co-dependence here can be a vessel through which Saturn illuminates areas where our spirit is ensnared by external validation, urging us towards sovereign inner strength. Insecurity, often blossoming from a foundation of fear and self-doubt, is illuminated to fortify resilience and self-belief, an authentic engagement with our truest selves. Through the lens of conformity, Saturn nudges us to confront the security of the known and the societal, propelling us toward the liberating path of our individuality and intrinsic purpose.

Being the third-largest planet in our solar system, Saturn’s significant gravitational pull and its role in the cosmic order can be mirrored in its astrological influence, pulling us towards growth and maturation. It is not the largest (like Jupiter) implying there are energies and entities beyond its significant pull, reminding us that even in the vast influence of our lessons, there's a larger higher meaning at play.

Despite its massive size, Saturn being lighter than water suggests that while the lessons it brings may seem daunting and heavy, there is an intrinsic lightness and buoyancy in navigating through them successfully - the capacity to rise above challenges and float through adversity. With no true surface, Saturn asks us to navigate without the comfort of solid ground beneath our feet. It is constantly challenging us to find stability within ourselves, solidifying our internal structures amid seemingly intangible experiences.

The seven groups of rings, each with their distinct characteristics, suggest the various layers and levels of our psychospiritual development, each requiring unique approaches and understanding as we navigate through our personal evolution.

Saturn, thus, isn’t a conduit of mere challenges but a guide towards self-realization, utilizing the energy of these characteristics to pave the arduous yet illuminating path toward the self that is unshackled from the limitations of fear, dependency, and societal expectation. The planetary energy invites us to dive into these disconcerting facets, not to entangle us, but to free us, enabling a triumphant emergence into the authenticity and strength that resides within.

Saturn In Pisces: A Stone in The Sea

Saturn transiting through the starry sea of Pisces asks us to launch on a spiritual voyage, where the shadows of co-dependence, insecurity, and conformity swim with the ethereal and introspective tides of solitude and non-materiality. As Saturn cruises through the early degrees of Pisces, the broadcasts call for a reflective withdrawal, wherein we intentionally step back to allow the obscured revelations to gently surface amidst the torrents of thoughts and emotions that are incessantly stimulated by externalities.

Within this introspective cocoon, the collective is not only retreating to discover nascent perspectives but also honoring the ancestral efforts and wisdom that have converged to craft the present moment. It's a sacred pause, where the revelations of co-dependence on external validations are recognized, insecurities are seen as waves that ebb and flow but do not define the ocean's vastness, and where conformity is relinquished to the sea, enabling a freer and unbridled communion with the divine.

The last time Saturn swam through Pisces was from 1994 to 1996, a time when technology, genocide, and peace manifested across the globe. The burgeoning internet and tech development of the mid-90s allowed us to dive into new realms of connection, communication, and information. Amidst this, Saturn asked society to reflect on how these innovations were being utilized, prompting questions about our co-dependence on this new virtual realm and the security and ethical issues it presented.

Going even further back, from 1965 to 1967 while U.S. society was wrestling with adherence to past norms and structures that perpetuated inequality and injustice, the civil rights movement epitomized the Piscean energy of compassion, unity, and a collective aspiration for a higher, more inclusive reality. Globally, the turmoil and protests against the Vietnam War reflected a yearning for a reality that is anchored in peace and communal harmony. The collective agony and unrest mirrored a resistance against an oppressive, fearful, and conforming energy.

In Saturn’s journey through the mid-degrees of Pisces later in the year, the gold planet's energy challenges us to comprehend the transient and non-possessive nature of material achievements and belongings. Every physical attainment or loss becomes a spiritual pointer, directing us toward the unwavering truth that materiality is but a fleeting reflection of the eternal. It is in this sphere that the spirit is cautioned against the comfort and smugness that material achievements can bring.

This transit represents the truth that all that we accumulate in the physical realm is neither ours to own nor ours to lose, but merely to steward with grace, generosity, and detachment. Co-dependence on material success, insecurity tethered to physical loss, and conformity to societal metrics of accomplishment are all illusions to be gently dissolved in the boundless Piscean waters.

Saturn in Pisces, therefore, demands we witness and travel through these oscillating waves of solitude, introspection, materiality, and non-attachment with the steadiness and wisdom to allow for the development of the spirit's true, unbounded nature. In navigating through the tender yet profound waters of Pisces with Saturn as the guide, we are offered an opportunity to witness and integrate these energies into a reality of earthly experience and spiritual ascension. It's a transcendental journey, where the spirit learns to sail with equanimity through both the calm and the tempest, unshackled from the illusions of the material and the external, emerging with the pearls of eternal wisdom and divine connection.

The planet Jupiter takes twelve years to make its rounds throughout the Zodiac, which means it will spend one year in every sign. Jupiter symbolizes a potent reminder of the cycles of life, growth, and spiritual evolution. 

The planet offers a mirror to the cyclical, repetitive patterns of our lives and minds. The swirling storms, especially the Great Red Spot, which has been ongoing for centuries, echo our own tendencies to get stuck in loops of repetitive thoughts, actions, and narratives. Sometimes, we recycle our pain, fears, and anxieties in various forms, disguising them in new narratives or contexts, but essentially, they remain unchanged at their core.

Embracing the characteristics of repetition and re-runs in our own lives, we might reflect upon our own patterns and understand them not as chains that bind us, but as winds that we can learn to navigate, even amidst their tumultuous spirals. Our attachments to material and emotional states, akin to expecting a stable ground in the midst of Jupiter’s gaseous layers, invite us to explore the illusions we hold about permanence and stability in our own existences. 

The immense beauty and chaos that coexist in Jupiter’s storms invite an awareness of our intrinsic nature to hold joy and sorrow, rise and fall, in a singular embrace. Thus, even amidst the apparent suffering and instability, there exists a larger destiny, where creation and dissolution are perpetual and interlinked. 

Jupiter, in its majestic rotation and stormy existence, doesn’t seek to change or break its cycles but outgrow them by changing within. Admitting our repetitive patterns, not with resistance or despair, but with understanding and eventual transcendence will spring forth a deep acknowledgment and acceptance of any situation - which is the greatest love and power of all.

This year Jupiter will enter Gemini, broadcasting a vibrant energy of intellectual curiosity, social engagement, and expansive interactions.

Jupiter In Gemini: All Talk, No Walk

Jupiter’s journey through Gemini might draw forth an intense magnification of these tendencies within us — a lens that paradoxically reveals our own internal dichotomies and struggles. As the expansive energy of Jupiter meets the dual-natured, communicative, and sometimes fickle energy of Gemini, we may encounter an internal and external landscape where our assumptions, disloyalties, and passive-aggressive tendencies are not only illuminated but also exaggerated.

Yet, herein might lie a clandestine spiritual blessing, a potent medicine wrapped in a seemingly tumultuous package. The amplification of these aspects allows them to become visible, tangible, and therefore, something we can navigate, understand, and ultimately, transcend. The very essence of our assuming nature, our flickering loyalty, and our inclination towards compensation may be seen with startling clarity that might shake us from our habitual sleepwalk through life.

The journey becomes one of navigating through these amplified winds with a heart anchored in conscious awareness and an unswerving commitment to truth. The intensified energies become a catalyst for profound self-inquiry, where every assumption becomes a mirror reflecting our own unresolved internal landscapes, every act of disloyalty a call to return to our intrinsic integrity, and every passive-aggressive tendency a gentle gust towards conscious, authentic expression.

Jupiter moving through Gemini might invite a journey where the outer chaos and internal turmoil become the fertile soil from which the blossoms of genuine self-awareness and transformation can blow forth. It could become a time where the depths of our being are stirred, unraveling us from the seductive dance of superficiality and discarding, urging us to peel away the layers that shield us from our own internal light and truth.

In these cosmic winds, we as a collective might find an unwavering flame, an opportunity to stand firmly in the heart of the storm, to behold the unfolding drama with equanimity and discernment, and to stand with both the shadows and the light in a sacred communion with the Self. This path through the vibrant and tumultuous energies becomes not a pathway of avoidance but a pilgrimage through the very core of our being, where we meet every facet of ourselves with compassion, understanding, and a fierce love that tenderly unbinds us from the chains of our own limitations.

In our most previous Jupiter in Gemini transit from June 2012 to June 2013 we witnessed the re-election of Barack Obama as well as the rise of social media as a political tool, and the continued development, and integration of internet technologies in various fields. In another Jupiter/Gemini transit from July 2000 to August 2001 the dot-com bubble burst, Wikipedia launched, and the 9/11 explosions occurred. All Gemini exaggerations, exaggerated by Jupiter.

For reference, from May 1989 to June 1990, another Jupiter in Gemini transit saw the fall of the Berlin Wall while from April 1977 to April 1978 the development and popularity of personal computers (e.g., Apple II) and connectivity (e.g., ARPANET, the precursor to the internet) were launched.

Jupiter transits occur approximately every 12 years, and this year we could see expansion and changes, especially in areas related to communication, information, and technology. Expect to see further advancements or shifts in communication technologies and evolution or challenges in social media platforms or their usage (which fits nicely with the Pluto in Aquarius transit).

There will be shifts in political communication and campaigning methods and re-definitions or alterations in global communication dynamics.

In the context of social and political realms, considering previous examples like elections and significant political changes, we might observe the emergence of new political figures or significant shifts in leadership. Perhaps even potentially, new alliances or conflicts at a global level.

The “throw-away” or disposable culture brought about by Gemini could also render a continued or accelerated pace of change and transformation in technology, information, and communication sectors, potentially reflecting our collective societal attitudes towards consumption and materialism. Think space trash and what we are doing with our waste. There may be both challenges and opportunities in navigating through these amplified energies, calling forth collective and individual discernment to steer through the potentially fast-paced and fluctuating landscapes.

If you are a Gemini, this is a major year for growth.

As Jupiter flies through the Gemini sky, illuminating the facets of mental agility and communicative versatility, you might find the themes of duality and contradiction becoming more palpable in your experiences and self-perception. The increase in assumptions and fluctuating loyalties may create a kaleidoscopic view of relationships and self, where colors blend and shift with every slight turn of circumstance.

This transit can weave through your dialogues and encounters, nudging you to notice where you assume, where your loyalties dance and sway, and where you might mask your true feelings behind a veil of passive aggression or compensatory actions. The magnification of the 'throw-away' mentality might invite you to reflect upon what you discard – ideas, opportunities, or perhaps aspects of self – without due consideration or understanding.

This is a potent period to encounter these aspects with a curiosity and openness that transcends judgement and fear. This transit becomes a mirror in which your dualities, contradictions, and deeper, often hidden tendencies are reflected back, offering you a precious opportunity to explore and understand them.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus on April 21, 2024: Techno Reset

Jupiter, embodies repetitive cycles, material preoccupations, and oscillations between heights and depths, aligning with Uranus, the planet of disruption and revolutions, all within the earthly and sometimes stubborn realm of Taurus, shadowed and illuminated by themes of intemperance, secrecy, and team spirit, we are invited into a profound and paradoxical journey of exploration.

In this astrological situation, the intense power of unification and focus of the conjunction creates a potent opportunity in which the elements of repetition and fear, material fixation and disruption, and highs and lows and revolution, simmer together, crafting a prospect that will be turbulent and potentially transformative.

In the constellation of Taurus, where the powers of overindulgence and fanaticism synergize with the mysteries of shamanic rituals and the camaraderie of team spirit, this constellation may manifest in our external and internal worlds as profound shake-ups in material and earthly matters. It might seem like the very foundations, the physical and tangible aspects of our world, are being rattled by a power that seeks to unearth, reveal, and perhaps liberate the concealed, the secret, and the undervalued.

Jupiter's amplification of material and cyclical energies may be disrupted and revolutionized by Uranus’s proclivity for the unexpected and the overturning of the status quo. This might unfold in our tangible realities, perhaps as unexpected changes or upheavals in material and financial worlds, or internal revolutions where our values, self-worth, and approaches to physicality are questioned and reformed - setting the seed for further metaverse and metaphysical acceptance which will lead into ingression.

This might invoke a collective and personal inquiry into our relationships with materiality, value, and stability. The secrets and initiation energies of Taurus might bring to the surface hidden aspects or truths about our collective and personal resources, values, and material associations. The conjunction could act as a powerful illuminator, unearthing that which has been buried or suppressed in our material and earthly engagements, inviting a collective initiation into new paradigms of resource, value, and physicality understanding and management.

The intense energy could be both destructive, breaking down established structures and beliefs, and creative, forging new ways of understanding and interacting with the material world, potentially in more collective, inclusive, and sustainable ways – the revolution and the ritual entwining to birth something yet unknown.

The last conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus was in the year 1941 - a pivotal year during World War II, a period of profound global upheaval, conflict, and transformation. The world witnessed extensive turmoil and changes. Let’s not forget that World War II was a result of a complex web of factors, involving political, economic, and social dynamics that had been brewing for years before the actual outbreak of war.

The Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I, imposed heavy penalties and reparations on Germany, creating economic distress and national resentment that contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler (a Taurus) and the Nazi Party. The economic and political instability post-WWI provided a fertile ground for the rise of fascist leaders like Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy, and militaristic expansionism in Japan. The thing we need to keep in mind here is that these leaders represent hoards and masses of people - we need to ask ourselves, did this consciousness, this selfish and prideful, entitled and hateful energy really die when the war ended? Or did it just fall asleep for new leaders to ride the wave these populations create? It would have been otherwise impossible for nations like Germany, Italy, and Japan to expand their territories leading to invasions of neighboring countries.

Taurus is the sign of the bully, we should not be afraid to stand up to our inner and reflected bullies. Why because it can lead to something worse just like the initial reluctance of Allied powers to confront fascist aggression, in hopes of avoiding another large-scale conflict, which is often cited as a factor that emboldened fascist powers. This also allowed for intense ethnic and ideological conflicts, including anti-Semitism and authoritarian ideologies, which fueled aggression and genocide.

The World War II conflict and upheaval in 1941 was a horrific conflict that was indeed a cataclysmic upheaval on a global scale. It affected vast swathes of the material world and involved a multitude of nations. It served as a time of global economic shifts and there were significant changes and innovations in industry and economy - often in response to the demands of the war. This was clearly a manifestation of the disruptiveness of Uranus, changing the material and economic landscapes, and potentially reflecting Jupiter's expansive and amplifying qualities.

The previous Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus saw rapid advancements in technology and machinery, especially related to warfare, which might be seen metaphorically as the innovative and disruptive energy of Uranus (the extraterrestrial) being brought into the material and earthly realm of Taurus (the terrestrial), expanded upon by Jupiter. If you also consider that the presence of UFOs, UAPs, and extraterrestrial presence began to emerge in the American culture during the 1940s, one can’t help but ascribe these technological leaps to off-planet beings inspiring humans much like Prometheus bestowing fire on humanity. The question now is: is AI, actually alien intelligence, and if so, are they friends or foes, and what’s coming next?

Who else could have invented technological advancements for WWII like radar technology, jet engines, the atomic bomb, penicillin mass production, coding and decoding technologies, synthetic rubber, the V-2 rocket for space exploration, amphibious vehicles, aircraft carriers, and even sonar technology? The point is that our world is being turned upside down and secrets are coming out (Taurus). We will find a true and strong wisdom that holds us together, rather than keep us apart.

Our planet, Earth contains many resources that many of us intuit as true but have yet to experience with our very eyes. Other than the beauty we experience on a daily basis, Earth contains within it resources envied by not only humans but other beings. We are sitting on top of a treasure trove of teachings and resources deep within the core of our planet and being. There are helpful angels and intelligence that want to see us advance, and there are also byproducts of hatred and jealousy which we need to deal with too. It’s unfortunate that it’s not enough to be positive, we need to take responsibility for the negative we have polluted the collective with, without any guilt or self-punishment.

Going forward, as we cast our gaze toward the horizon of our shared future, we ponder upon the ephemeral structures that scaffold our material and economic realms. Voices in our collective consciousness, prompt us to reflect — where do the seeds of vulnerability nestle within our societal constructs, waiting patiently for the winds of change or the tumult of upheaval?

We hold these reflections as sacred lanterns, casting peaceful light upon the path ahead, inviting others to traverse our shared future with wisdom, compassion, and a deep, resonant attunement to the symphony of possibilities that lies before us. May our reflections serve as the footsteps that guide us toward a future where we navigate the unknown with collective wisdom and heartfelt connection.

Eclipses are times of change, indicating endings and beginnings, death and rebirth. Events and themes occurring around the time of an eclipse are particularly significant and tied to the unfolding of our destinies. Because the nodes are activated at the time of an eclipse, our collective fate and collective destiny are activated - in other words, anything can happen during an eclipse.

There are different types of eclipses, but in either case, blindspots are set into place and/or removed.

A Solar Eclipse, as a New Moon, primarily revolves around setting intentions for the future. It signifies a potent opportunity to plant new seeds of desire, embark on fresh beginnings, and establish clear intentions for what one seeks to manifest in their life. However, during a Solar Eclipse, the usual nature of the New Moon process is altered due to the blocking of the Sun's light, which temporarily changes the energetic dynamics. The blocking of the Sun's light during the eclipse can symbolize temporary confusion or challenges in gaining clarity. It may feel like negativity and blame are more prevalent, making it challenging for individuals with a spiritual focus to maintain their baseline of inner peace and responsibility. Extra effort is required during a Solar Eclipse to rise above the prevailing negativity and elevate others. It's a time to bring light and positivity into one's reality, despite the temporary absence of sunlight.

Even during the eclipse when the Sun appears blocked, it's crucial to remember that the inner light and potential for growth are always present. This symbolizes the idea that challenges and obstacles can be opportunities for personal transformation. Solar Eclipses often bring tests and moments of confusion as individuals navigate the altered energy. These tests may challenge one's beliefs and resilience. The Zodiac Hack during a Solar Eclipse is to maintain tolerance, stay true to your beliefs, and advocate for what you believe in. It's a time to be aware that those projecting negativity may have an energy boost to spread blame and self-pity.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Full Moon, representing illumination, emotions, and culmination, passes directly behind Earth and enters its shadow. While the Moon is fully illuminated, its light is temporarily dimmed as it passes through Earth's shadow, which is where we all reside. This celestial event represents a symbolic blocking of the Moon's light. The Lunar Eclipse symbolizes the illumination of obstacles and challenges that may have been hidden or obscured. It brings to light issues, emotions, or situations that require attention and resolution. While the Moon's light appears diminished during a Lunar Eclipse, it remains positioned 180° opposite the Sun, signifying that the Full Moon's energy is still present. It reminds us that even in the face of challenges, we can access the transformative power of the Full Moon. Lunar Eclipses often coincide with significant life changes and endings. They encourage us to acknowledge and release what no longer serves our growth, making way for new beginnings. A Lunar Eclipse, with its temporary dimming of the Full Moon's light, symbolizes the unveiling of obstacles and challenges in our lives. It reminds us that fate and destiny play a role, but we also have the agency to navigate and overcome challenges, ultimately leading to personal growth and transformation.

Understanding the complexity of an eclipse also depends on which node is activated and what aspects and zodiac signs are influencing the lunation. Either way, shadows and light intertwine. An eclipse is a call to navigate through paradoxes with a heart that is both tender and sturdy, recognizing within every challenge, there lies a call to transcend, and within every shadow, the eternal light quietly, yet unbreakably, prevails. Steadfastly embodying this wisdom, we can become both the journey and the destination, navigating through the celestial chiaroscuro with a spirit that is undimmed and irrepressible. Also, the path of the eclipse has a stronger effect than other areas which is why you will find the eclipse path crossing which each summary.

2024 will have four eclipses, and you can join our moon rituals every month to be guided in a workshop, study, and live study group on

The first is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra, on March 25 which holds a potent message. It's a celestial call to deep introspection and soul work. This eclipse reveals hidden barriers on the spiritual path, asking you to confront unresolved emotions and karmic patterns. It's an opportunity to broaden your spiritual perspective, recognizing that self-imposed limitations have held you back.

The eclipse emphasizes the importance of forgiveness – forgiving yourself for past actions and extending compassion to others. Through this process, you can release the burdens of the past and open up to new, miraculous possibilities. The pain and suffering you've endured are not in vain; they hold valuable lessons.

As you grow a broader spiritual outlook, you'll find that your ability to manifest positive change and create a truly magical life increases. This eclipse is a chance to grow spiritually, let go of attachments, and experience transformation on a profound level. It's an invitation to step into your spiritual power and live a life guided by higher wisdom and compassion.

Eclipse Path: much of Europe, North/East Asia, Much of Australia, Much of Africa, North America, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Antarctica.

Then, the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, on April 8: The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8, 2024, signifies a transformative opportunity to break free from fears, obsessions, and limiting beliefs that have held you back from realizing your future plans. It encourages you to contemplate and apply your knowledge while remaining open to the miraculous and the unknown. Aligning with the North Node, this eclipse highlights the importance of stepping into uncharted territory, letting go of attachments to what you think you know, and embracing a path that leads to a truly magical life. It's a call to release limitations, trust in the potential for miracles, and move forward on your spiritual journey with courage and openness.

Eclipse Path: West in Europe, North America, North in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic

In the Autumn of 2024, we will have a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, on September 18: The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 18, 2024, marks a collective turning point. With the Sun in the Virgo degrees of lineage and wealth, we've done the inner work and now reap rewards of accomplishment, good fortune, and integrity. We've purified negative desires, embracing compassion and sharing. It's about creating a sustainable legacy of love and courage, leaving behind greed and fear.

The Moon in Pisces reveals our ideal future. It's a time of true happiness, emotional fulfillment, and creating a brighter reality. We're unburdened by the past and fantasies, accessing enduring joy. 

The Libra/Aries nodal axis teaches us to see beyond the surface, elevating awareness of consequences and shifting from taking to sharing. Aries' North Node expands our horizons, breaking self-imposed limitations and instilling self-responsibility.

In this eclipse, the Sun near the South Node and the Moon near the North Node signal a pivotal moment. It's about letting go of past patterns and embracing self-responsibility, setting the stage for a future guided by wisdom and courage.

Eclipse Path: Europe, Much of Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica

Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra, October 2: The Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 2, 2024, delivers a profound message to the collective. It emphasizes the transformative power of adversity and the potential for turning life's challenges into beautiful opportunities. This eclipse highlights an active, albeit at times negative, mindset that challenges us to transmute difficult situations into positive growth experiences.

During this New Moon Eclipse, we are called to confront our past actions and the circumstances that have shaped our lives, both positive and negative. The eclipse invites us to take responsibility for our choices, forgive ourselves, and recognize the blessings that can emerge from pain and suffering. This process of healing and self-forgiveness paves the way for extending forgiveness to others, understanding that everyone carries their own burdens.

At the same time, the south node at this time underscores the importance of broadening our perspective beyond the surface. It encourages us to see the deeper consequences of our actions and shift our focus from self-centeredness to a more sharing and compassionate approach.

Essentially, this eclipse signifies a collective journey toward greater self-awareness, forgiveness, and the recognition of the interconnectedness of human suffering. It teaches us that by transforming adversity into opportunities for growth and by extending empathy to others, we can collectively move towards a more harmonious and compassionate world.

Eclipse Path: South in North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctica

Always remember with an eclipse, In times when light is obscured, your internal light, is undimmable and eternal, and becomes the beacon for both self and others, navigating through the apparent yet transitory perceived darkness into a place of enlightened understanding and profound balance. We need to remember that even if we can’t see the light, it is ALWAYS there!

New Moons of 2024

  • New Moon in Capricorn - Jan 11, 2024
  • New Moon in Aquarius - Feb 9, 2024
  • New Moon in Pisces - Mar 10, 2024
  • New Moon in Aries - Apr 8, 2024
  • New Moon in Taurus - May 8, 2024
  • New Moon in Gemini - Jun 6, 2024
  • New Moon in Cancer - Jul 6, 2024
  • New Moon in Leo - Aug 4, 2024
  • New Moon in Virgo - Sep 3, 2024
  • New Moon in Libra - Oct 2, 2024
  • New Moon in Scoprio - Nov 1, 2024
  • New Moon in Sagittarius - Dec 1, 2024
  • New Moon in Capricorn - Dec 31, 2024
  • There are two new moon in Capricorn

Full Moons of 2024

  • Full Moon in Leo - Jan 25, 2024
  • Full Moon in Virgo - Feb 24, 2024
  • Full Moon in Libra - Mar 25, 2024
  • Full Moon in Scorpio - Apr 23, 2024
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius - May 23, 2024
  • Full Moon in Capricorn - Jun 22, 2024
  • Full Moon in Capricorn - Jul 21, 2024
  • Full Moon in Aquarius - Aug 19, 2024
  • Full Moon in Pisces - Sep 18, 2024
  • Full Moon in Aries - Oct 17, 2024
  • Full Moon in Taurus - Nov 16, 2024
  • Full Moon in Gemini - Dec 15, 2024
  • Note: There is no full moon in Cancer in 2024 but there are two Capricorn Full Moons

Whenever planets go retrograde, their influences are no longer being presented around us, instead, they are arising from within us. 


Mercury retrograde affects our focus and communication. Keep it together as much as possible, stay focused, and double-check travel plans, contracts, and negotiations. Avoid beginning or signing anything big if possible.

The cure to any Mercury Retrograde period is an introspection of the themes of space Mercury is transiting. If we can introspect on all themes regarding communication and superficial exchanges, we will seriously level up.

Winds of change are now blowing from within! The normal energy of communication and movement is going in reverse on the outside as we are going within. Healing our cells as we communicate with each other.

It will be a time to open the minds and go against the intellectual winds blocking us from spirituality.

In 2024, Mercury goes retrograde in five different signs, within only earth and fire elements. So, in 2024, Mercury goes retrograde in Earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo) and in Fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius).

  1. December 13, 2023, to January 2, 2024
  • Mercury Retrograde Begins in Capricorn at 08°29’
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends in Sagittarius at 22°10’
  • Duration: 19 days
  1. April 1, 2024, to April 25, 2024
  • Mercury Retrograde Begins in Aries at 27°13’
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends in Aries at 15°58’
  • Duration: 23 days
  1. August 5, 2024, to August 28, 2024
  • Mercury Retrograde Begins in Virgo at 04°06’
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends in Leo at 21°24’
  • Duration: 23 days
  1. November 26, 2024, to December 15, 2024
  • Mercury Retrograde Begins in Sagittarius at 22°40’
  • Mercury Retrograde Ends in Sagittarius at 06°23’
  • Duration: 19 days

Venus Retrograde

There is no Venus retrograde in 2024.

Mars Retrograde

During Mars retrograde, it's essential to engage in self-reflection about our true motivations and desires. We should be cautious about projecting personal patterns onto others or situations, as this can lead to misinterpretations and complications. This is also a time to differentiate between our earthly ambitions and true spiritual aspirations, ensuring we don't confuse the two. Exploring our desires and understanding the depths of human sexuality can also lead to personal growth during this phase.

  • Begins on December 6, 2024, in Leo at 06°10’.
  • Ends on February 24, 2025, in Cancer at 17°00’.
  • Duration: 79 days.

Jupiter Retrograde

During Jupiter retrograde, it's crucial to be introspective and identify areas of our lives where we see patterns repeating. Recognizing these patterns can help us understand the underlying issues, allowing us to effect genuine change. It's also a time to challenge our perceptions of material realities and to embrace the impermanence and instability inherent in existence. This can help reduce suffering, especially the anxiety of anticipating lows after highs. One should also be vigilant about not getting trapped in superficially new but essentially identical narratives and instead seek deeper understanding and growth.

  • Begins on October 9, 2024, in Gemini at 21°20’.
  • Ends on February 4, 2025, in Gemini at 11°16’.
  • Duration: 118 days.

Saturn Retrograde

During Saturn retrograde, it's crucial to take a step back and assess the areas of life where we might feel bound by co-dependence, insecurity, or societal expectations. This is a time to identify and work through these challenges, recognizing the valuable lessons they offer. Embracing the growth opportunities presented by Saturn can lead to a deeper understanding of ourself, ultimately fostering a more authentic identity that stands firm against external pressures.

  • Begins on June 29, 2024, in Pisces at 19°25’.
  • Ends on November 15, 2024, in Pisces at 12°41’.
  • Duration: 138 days.

Uranus Retrograde

During Uranus retrograde, we should be open to introspection about our relationship with change. It's an opportunity to challenge our fears and apprehensions about the unknown, seeking to understand and embrace its transformative potential. We should be open to reevaluating old beliefs and habits, allowing space for innovation and new ways of thinking. Embracing the energy of Uranus retrograde can lead to personal breakthroughs, novel experiences, and growth that may not have been possible in a more static environment.

  1. First retrograde period:
  • Begins on August 29, 2023, in Taurus at 23°04’.
  • Ends on January 27, 2024, in Taurus at 19°05’.
  • Duration: 151 days.
  1. Second retrograde period:
  • Begins on September 1, 2024, in Taurus at 27°15’.
  • Ends on January 30, 2025, in Taurus at 23°15’.
  • Duration: 151 days.

Neptune Retrograde

During Neptune retrograde, we should confront their tendencies towards inertia, overthinking, and lack of commitment. It's a time to recognize the cyclical patterns that lead to stagnation and actively seek ways to disrupt them. While the pull towards familiar comforts and the status quo might be strong, this period offers a chance to introspectively challenge these patterns. We should strive to overcome the pull of self-pity and resist the cycle of addictive behaviors. By understanding and addressing the root causes of these Neptunian influences, we can hope to break free from the repetitive cycles and foster genuine personal growth.

  • Begins on July 2, 2024, in Pisces at 29°55’.
  • Ends on December 7, 2024, in Pisces at 27°07’.
  • Duration: 158 days.

Pluto Retrograde

During Pluto retrograde, we should confront and address our hesitations and fears head-on. It's a time to acknowledge past regrets and the tendencies to stick to familiar patterns, recognizing the limitations they impose. By understanding the roots of our indecision and wishy-washy behavior, we can work towards making more resolute choices. Embracing the challenges and continuing the journey, even when doubts arise, is vital. This period offers a profound opportunity for transformation, urging us to muster the courage and resolve to push past our inner demons and ascend toward personal growth and self-realization.

  • Begins on May 2, 2024, in Aquarius at 02°06’.
  • Ends on October 12, 2024, in Capricorn at 29°38’.
  • Duration: 162 days.

Chiron Retrograde

During Chiron retrograde, we should be prepared for introspection and confronting deep wounds, both from this life and potentially past lives. It's a time to embrace vulnerability, recognizing that true healing often requires revisiting and understanding past traumas. Engaging in therapeutic modalities, such as counseling, art therapy, or other forms of healing, can be particularly beneficial during this period. We should also be open to the lessons that come from pain, understanding that the journey of the wounded healer can lead to profound wisdom and growth. This is an opportunity to transform past indulgences and traumas into strength and to embrace the healing power that Chiron embodies.

  • Begins on July 26, 2024, in Aries at 23°32’.
  • Ends on December 29, 2024, in Aries at 19°00’.
  • Duration: 156 days.

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