Scorpio Season 2023 Forecast + Horoscopes
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Scorpio Season 2023: 

Zodiac Hacks Astrological Forecast and Horoscopes - 
A Deep Dive into the Waters of Control and Secrets

During Scorpio Season the cosmos is boiling with a potent mixture of energies, all urging us to confront the deep, shadowy realms of our psyche. The overarching theme, zodiac hackers, is one of control. As the stars position themselves this Scorpio Season, many will find themselves consumed with a need to dominate certain areas of their lives, especially where Scorpio rules in their chart. But where does this urge stem from?

Jealousy is a strong undercurrent during this period. A nagging sense that we lack something essential may plague us, leading to envy of those who seem to possess what we desire. Instead of relying on logic and reason, we will be compelled to act on pure instinct, potentially leading to rash decisions.

Secrets are the currency of the moment throughout Scorpio Season. Whispered conversations in dimly lit rooms, concealed emotions, and hidden agendas will come to the forefront. Be wary of those who hold their cards too close to their chest—they may be harboring more than just their own mysteries.

The Lunar Eclipse on October 28, 2023, will have gigantic ramifications and will be covered in another forecast. As will the November 13, 2023 New Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio Season will test our capacity for forgiveness. The attitude through Scorpio Season suggests an unwillingness to give second chances. Memories of past wrongs will resurface, fueling resentment. For some, the pain of past betrayals will be so intense that they'd prefer to stew in negative emotions rather than feel nothing at all.

Despite being a water sign known for its depth and introspection, Scorpio’s influence brings out a combative side. This is the only water sign that seeks battle, not for victory but for the sheer intensity of the experience. When conflicts arise, the aim will be to wound deeply, touching on the most vulnerable points. Scorpio knows where to hit, and will not hesitate in doing so.

Communication will be a challenge. Like those with Scorpio prominent in their charts, during Scorpio Season many will prefer silence over risking miscommunication. But take this as a WARNING: silence can be more deafening and damaging than words.

This Scorpio Season also warns of the danger of becoming trapped in our own negative patterns. Those self-destructive tendencies, those self evil emotions, can affect not only us but also the people around us. Change, whether for better or worse, will be a slow process. And amidst all this, there's a pervasive sense of always being under attack.

Zodiac hackers, proceed with caution. It promises profound introspection, intense emotions, and deep transformations. Remember to seek the light even when wading through the darkest waters. The challenge lies in confronting our shadows, but the reward is a deeper understanding of our true selves.

Notable astrological alignments and impactful events:

An aspect that happens once a year, Sun Opposite Jupiter on Nov 3, 2023, is a time when the core of oneself, the ego, and personal identity, comes into opposition with Jupiter, the planet of patterns of repetition and a predisposition to anticipate the worst, leading to recurring life scenarios. This aspect might indicate a time when one's identity or self-concept clashes with these recurring patterns. There might be a heightened awareness or struggle between who one believes they are (Sun) and the repeated life stories or expected negative outcomes (Jupiter). This could manifest as an internal tug-of-war: a part of oneself wants to shine and express individuality, while another part might be pulled back by the repetitive narratives and expectations of disappointments. The challenge during this transit might be to break free from these repetitive cycles and to redefine oneself beyond past patterns.

Saturn goes direct on November 4. In the ripple of Saturn's direct movement, society may experience a collective introspection into matters of co-dependence, insecurity, and conformity. Saturn, a relentless teacher, prompts us to face our deepest vulnerabilities, especially around our dependencies on others and the systems we have grown accustomed to. It’s a time when individuals might question the structures they have built their lives around and whether these structures truly serve their authentic selves or merely a facade shaped by societal expectations.

However, as much as Saturn highlights these issues, it also provides the tools and resilience to navigate them. It's a period of understanding that, while challenges are inevitable, they are also stepping stones for profound personal growth. Embracing the lessons of Saturn can lead to a more grounded, genuine, and self-assured version of oneself, breaking free from the chains of co-dependence and forging a path of individuality and strength.

As the Sun opposes Uranus on November 13, expect a period where your core identity might feel challenged by sudden changes or unexpected events. It's a cosmic tug of war between the familiar and the unknown. However, within this tension lies the potential for immense growth. Embrace the discomfort, for it's in these moments of unpredictability that new paths emerge, leading to untapped potentials and uncharted territories.

In the days that lead up to and follow November 13, it's essential to remember that every challenge or sudden shift is an invitation to grow, to evolve, and to step closer to our brightest selves. While the fear of the unknown might loom large, the promise of progress and innovation is even more significant. Embrace the dance between the Sun and Uranus, and let it guide you towards a future shimmering with possibility.

On November 20, the Sun aspects Pluto offering a myriad of opportunities for personal growth and introspection. This day could pave the way for higher standards, gifts, and a desire for harmony.

Pluto, with its association to past regrets and condemnation, often leads us down paths of familiarity, influenced by the weight of past choices. But today the energy introduces a creative potential to this dynamic. It's a chance to strive for better, to aim higher, and to set loftier standards for ourselves.

However, this doesn’t promise immediate balance. There's a sense of something more that needs to be done, an energy that must be spent to attain that sought-after harmony. The Sun, in its brilliance, shines light on these areas, illuminating the weak spots, the places in our lives that require healing, and the opportunities disguised as challenges. It's a call to increased awareness, to recognize where support is needed and where it must be given.

This configuration is a gift, but like all gifts, it comes with a responsibility to tap into your creative potential, harness the energies of both the Sun and Pluto, and work towards a harmonious balance. But it requires effort, the willingness to confront and heal past regrets, and the courage to embrace change.

We will be reminded of the possibilities that lie ahead, of the blessings that are often hidden in challenges, and of the harmony that can be achieved with effort and awareness. Let this alignment inspire you to reach for the stars, strive for better, and embrace the transformation.

This is energized even more on November 22, when Mars also hits Pluto for an intense dive into the complexities of our desires, motivations, and inherent power.

Mars, often associated with violence and the dissolution of karmic patterns, presents a challenge and a lesson. It forces us to understand our motivations, especially in turbulent circumstances and warns against projecting our karmic patterns onto the world around us. This can lead to compounded effects, where our actions and reactions feed off each other in a never-ending cycle. However, these days, we are granted the chance to build, to aspire, to reach for something greater. It reminds us of the human tendency to strive for divine heights, even if we sometimes lose our way.

While Mars pushes us to act, Pluto asks us to reflect, to understand the deeper motivations behind our actions, and to heal from past regrets. It's a time to confront our inner demons, understand our desires and fears, and use that understanding to fuel positive change of reality.

The energy between these two powerful planets amplifies the opportunities available to us. It speaks of creative potential, a chance to set better standards for ourselves, and the possibility of attaining harmony. 

We are encouraged to support and be supported, to act upon the opportunities presented to us, and to heal the areas of our lives that have been overshadowed by past regrets or misplaced motivations. It asks us to understand our deepest desires, to confront our fears, and to use that understanding to forge a path forward. Let this alignment be a guide, a beacon of hope in challenging times, and a reminder of the transformative power that lies within each of us.



Your focus is primarily on your daily routines and health. With the strong energy from Mars, your ruling planet, expect bursts of motivation to improve your work-life balance. There might be a sudden urge to break away from the mundane, especially with Mars opposing Uranus. It's a good time to embrace new wellness routines and maybe even explore different work opportunities.


Relationships are in the spotlight for you, Taurus. The harmonious Venus-Pluto trine brings depth and intensity to your close partnerships. Whether it's business or personal, expect transformative experiences. However, the Venus-Mars friction suggests you should be cautious about acting impulsively in relationships. Focus on balance and harmony.


This Scorpio Season dives deep into themes of shared resources and emotional bonds. Mercury's aspects, especially the trine with Chiron, suggest healing conversations around shared finances or emotional vulnerabilities. It's a transformative period, and you're encouraged to communicate your needs and feelings clearly.


Adventure calls, Cancer! The stars prompt you to explore new horizons, whether that's through travel, learning, or diving into philosophical discussions. Broaden your perspectives and be open to new experiences. It might also be a good time to consider higher education or a short course to expand your skills.


It's a power month for your career, Leo! The Sun's interactions, especially the sextile with Pluto, provide opportunities for professional growth and transformation. There's a strong emphasis on taking charge and showcasing your leadership skills. Recognition is on the cards, but remember to stay grounded.


Virgo, it's all about networking and connecting with like-minded individuals this month. The Mercury-Venus sextile encourages social interactions and collaborations. Your dreams and aspirations are in focus, and it's a good time to set long-term goals. Joining group activities or community events can be rewarding.


Libra, this is a season of introspection and spiritual growth. The cosmos prompts you to delve deep into your subconscious and confront any lingering issues. Meditation and spiritual practices can be particularly beneficial. Allow yourself some quiet moments to reflect and recharge.


Happy birthday, Scorpio! With the Sun illuminating your sign and sense of self, it's a month of self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace your transformative energy and focus on self-improvement. It's a good time to set intentions for the year ahead and to truly shine in all your endeavors.


Sagittarius, this season revolves around your values and material possessions. With the Sun's entry into your house of money, there's a focus on financial stability and re-evaluating what truly matters to you. Budgeting and financial planning can prove beneficial, ensuring you align your resources with your values.


Communication is key this season, Capricorn. With the emphasis on your house of communication, expect lots of interactions, short trips, and learning opportunities. The direct motion of Saturn, your ruling planet, provides clarity in your thoughts and expression. It's an excellent time to take up courses, workshops, or even start writing.


Home and family are at the forefront, Aquarius. This season brings opportunities to strengthen family bonds and perhaps even make some changes or renovations at home. The Moon's conjunction with Neptune suggests dreamy and intuitive moments with loved ones. Cherish these times and focus on creating a nurturing environment.


Let your creativity flow, Pisces! The creative activation promises joy, artistic expression, and perhaps even some romantic encounters. With Neptune, your ruling planet, opposing The Black Moon, there may be some intense emotional experiences. Embrace your artistic side and indulge in activities that bring you joy.

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