The practice of Atonement brings the energy of time-travel, where we travel back to undo and clean up the messes in our lives and change them. In this class, we learn about the fulfillment that comes from the journey, the steps, we have to take to be successful. When the light is shining we see what we need to work on, and by cleansing the impurities within us — our unresolved emotions — and transforming them into positivity — we are successful.Some Key Points — There is joy and happiness when we work to purify and transform our entitlements that are bringing separation. Clean up and organize any mess we face in our lives without judgmental opinions about it. We cannot face life without first becoming clear. Victory and success come from a clear place. Address inner states of nervousness and anxiety, where thoughts, emotions, and fears are working against you. Perfectionism, or being entitled to an outcome, is not the same thing as being clear. The importance of having certainty for atonement to work.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author