We enter the nurturing water sign of Cancer to embark on a powerful healing journey of transformation, where we learn to navigate the great sea of emotion inside us, and discover that the light within manifests as feelings, returning blessings to be received. It’s in Cancer Season that we work to master the use of our emotions in moving forward on our spiritual path, as we invite deep healing on all levels, for ourselves and others, locally and globally, by first trusting and cultivating our sacred, loving connection to the Divine.To begin our journey of self-discovery, we’re blessed to be guided in this Solar Ingression Meditation, a protocol developed by Arik to help us consciously access our solar plexus energy, receive the Sun’s light into the energetic pathways in our bodies connecting us to the Cancer archetype, and experience profound healing in that area of your chart influenced by Cancer. In doing this, we take charge of our destiny, pre-programming what we would like the light of Cancer Season to show us, as we dive into the depths of our souls, healing our reactive behavior, replacing destructive emotions, such as jealousy, anger, and evil speech, with the language of loving kindness and compassion, persevering in our quest to become the chariot of our essential self through the lightening of our being.Some Key Points To Listen For —Accept the Divine within you and unlock your limitless potential.Become more intuitive in how you communicate. That means to listen with your heart.Expose illusions to be guided towards greater clarity.Embrace self-reflection. We’re being called to dive deep into our subconscious.Avoid getting lost in perfectionism, the enemy to progress.Compassion is not weak. If you’re compassionate, you are really strong.Write-up by Susan Blue

Arik Xander

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