We enter Taurus Season already having begun the 7-Week Tree Of Life Journey to purify and unblock the channels of manifestation within us. Now we allow the light of this beautiful Quantum Solar Meditation to assist us with that process, bringing healing and strength into the area of your life where Taurus is specifically occurring for you, helping to remove your resistance to change, to shed the stubbornly held beliefs and patterns that blind you to the truth of reality, so that you may become more flexible, find stable happiness, access true prosperity and abundance, and cultivate honest appreciation and love for yourself and others. Listen intently as Arik reveals the teaching of this workshop, guides us through the meditation, and offers the hacks you will find useful in transforming the negative influences you’ve allowed to control you, in order to shift your focus to love and light, shining in your world by remembering the connection to the Divine light within you.Some Key Points To Listen For —Using AI technology responsibly.What energy are you are channeling? Is it angelic or artificial?Accessing a state of awareness that comes from within.Refine the bridge between inner wisdom and outer existence.Understand and stay true to your values, no matter what.

Arik Xander

Internationally renowned. Astrologician. Healer. Guide. Author