The magical Full Moon In Scorpio, also called the flower moon, combined with a lunar eclipse and the intensity of a supermoon, presents us with a powerful opportunity for illumination and reflection, and gives us just the energy we need to help us as we work proactively and productively in our inner spiritual garden. But, it also presents risks and challenges to the task of leveling up, and to opening the pathways of energy without burning out. So, we are really blessed to have this workshop and specially guided meditation, to receive instruction from Arik on how to approach this full moon event, and learn to effectively use the spiritual tools we’re gaining with awareness, compassion, patience, and the certainty of knowing we have everything we need right now to transform, flourish and grow into the highest, most beautiful version of ourselves.Some Key Points To Listen For —You have a chance to become enlightened about something in your life.Make something good out of something negative, and then share it with others.Step into the energy of acceptance.Understanding consciousness. What it takes to make things happen in this world.How can you be objectively in observation? Life is only as complicated as you see it.

Arik Xander

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