As the Sun and Moon come together in a serenely beautiful annular solar eclipse, the New Moon In Libra opens a window of opportunity for us to explore the shadows of our own consciousness and bring truth and balance to our relationships through spiritual awakening and growth. It is a potent moment for us to pause in deep introspection in the sacred space of our mirrored inner darkness, to contemplate the interrelatedness of the dualities within ourselves, and acknowledge our journey from the shadow into the light. With our abiding desire to receive and shine with the light of the Divine, we press forward beyond the illusions created by our fears and past traumas on this healing quest to arrive at a state of inner peace and harmony. We embrace the challenge presented by this extraordinary event, and enter the New Moon Virtual Ritual to receive the teachings and guidance by Arik that will bring uplifting clarity to our introspection as we courageously look beyond our conditioned responses to discover precious truths that have been hidden from our inner view — especially in that area of our chart where this new moon is occurring. Then, we’ll pre-program our intention for the transformative month ahead with the balancing qualities of certainty, fairness, compassion and love, and receive everything we need to fulfill that intention, so that in moments when the spiritual war within us threatens to flare, as peaceful warriors, we will face and dispel our fears, having learned the truth that the world is a reflection of us and we can take responsibility for ourselves from what we see reflected.Some Key Points To Listen For —We have to rest to receive. The more we calm down, the more is revealed.Our experience in the material world is based on observation. We have to correct our vision on all levels.Activating the God Gene — the inner light and potential for growth that is always present.Fate and destiny: Every decision we make is our own.To receive protection from negative influences, all we have to do is ask.The difference between activity and true action — relax your body, calm your mind, connect to the Divine.

Arik Xander

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