With the arrival of Pisces Season, the final sign of the Zodiac, comes the energy of endings, when everything must be resolved, as we finish things up and prepare to move into Aries, and the new astrological year. In this workshop, Arik teaches about the challenges, pitfalls and fears we face in bringing things to an end. You’ll hear about falling into the energy of contradiction, and also learn the meaning of completion. By committing to that purifying spiritual path of self-responsibility, you open and allow the flow of life to transform you, and use the contradictions in your life to create opportunities, as each blockage you transform becomes the opportunity you can learn from.Following the teaching, Arik guides you in a meditation, where you will work with the archetypes of Pisces, and the energy pathway of the Pisces meridian within your body, to take the light of what has just been talked about in the workshop, and put it into that area of your chart where Pisces is ruling, pre-programming what you want the light to show you throughout the coming month. Some Key Points You May Learn About —The big fear that comes up during Pisces.What is completion?Every mistake in your life is a gate for greatness.The state of mind that brings the state of redemption.Pisces is the only sign that knows this.

Arik Xander

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